Road trip!

I went to the store to get some more smokes a little bit ago.

On the way i began to dream deeply about travel, i yearn for it.

I would go see the great canyon and then head up through the northwestern states, maybe even see seattle for a bit j, who knows.

I would go from there up through canada and alaska and stay for a bit.

And then swing back down through northern california because i’ve never seen the red woods before.

It’s enough to make you depressed, i need some travel, a good road trip, some freedom and fun and excitement for a change, but i go without, and i go without for a long time.

Maybe one day i will get to see some places.

And if this life is all that there is may it be destroyed soon, this is not worth it if this is all there is, what a waste of my time this has been.

Traveling can be a lot of fun. I did it very much in the past. Good memories. I once planned to drive my auto from Atlanta to South America, Colombia, Peru, Argentina. This would have been an adventure, but never happened. What is waste of time, I do not know. We are born, we live, we experience and we die. Only things left in the end are physical properties, any writings you may have done and these do not go to graves with us. Cheers.

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I hope you manage to break free for a bit and see something new. It’s amazing what not looking at the same old same old can do.


Take a friend-go for it!

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go for it and travel to all these places, where there is a will there is a way.
take care