Road trips!

Did you ever go on a road trip?

Once I get my drivers license I’ll go on a road trip around Portugal.


Yes I did but didn’t drive myself. We went round Rajesthan it was beautiful.


I like to drive a lot, but I don’t really go anywhere of importance. I guess the driving just relaxes me.


I bet! Sounds like a great trip :smile:

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I have this dream of making a road trip through the americas!

No, but I went InterRailing for a month.

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That’s cool! I just discovered there’s a trip one can do from Portugal to Vietnam just by train, it’s expensive but totally worth it. Maybe some day

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I love trains. They’re usually more comfortable than cars.

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I’d love to go on a road trip around the US though.

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US road trips = New York, California, Texas, Florida, New Orleans, Chicago, Mississippi, Montana, Michigan, Washington.


When my brother came to visit me we drove around the country roads in Oklahoma and Arkansas for hours at a time. I would like to do something like that in New England and Canada. I’d also like to do it in Europe, but that would take more planning.


I’m surprised you like to travel. Most people I’ve met with SZ tend to like to isolate themselves; myself included.

I like to travel AND like to isolate lol Sometimes I travel, but mostly I stay indoors.
But i have that little travel bug, I started very young and I’ve been to a lot of places, have a need to continue doing it.

When I was about 11 I went to Florida with my brother and Dad. We went to St. Petersburg and stayed at the Don Ceasar a.k.a. the Pink Palace. Then we went to Rainbow Springs, Disney World, and down to the Keys.

Here is the Don:

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3 years ago this summer my brother and I took a road trip down to Austin, TX, where we grew up. It took us 24 hours to drive down there and 24 to drive back up. We were there for 8 days inbetween the drives and it was spectacular.


I hope your drivers test goes smoothly…

In highschool went from germany to amsterdam then to rome.

As a kid family drove from california to washington dc then to arizona.

Me and my soul mate have gone to florida from our home in Tennessee.

All awesome i would recommend seeing as much as you can.


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