Haha. i used to go where people told me

like in passing people would mention different places. one old friend of mine, ben, was one day talking about jackson hole, wyoming and me being in the beginnings of psychosis took it as a sign. next thing i knew i was driving through the teton mountains where i would camp for a month in my car. i remember thinking maybe i’ll stay here so i went to a supermarket that was hiring and asked for an application, the girl that gave it to me was oddly enough from indiana as well. i took it as a further sign. anyways i waited there for some time and they never called me and i went to oregon, a place my friend george recommended. spent about 6 months to a year in oregon, can’t remember how long it was. while i was there, there was a homeless man i ran into, actually a couple. one told me to go to white sands, new mexico, another told me to go to pyramid lake, can’t remember where it was, it was on a native american reservation somewhere. well i never made it to pyramid lake, but i did go check out white sands, new mexico. and that’s how i lived for a couple years, bouncing around checking out different places. all based on some conversation i’d had with somebody in passing.

i remember one time i was on a greyhound to seattle, washington and an older man beside told me to go to south dakota. he said it was booming with lots of high paying jobs. well this was like the only time i didn’t entertain going somewhere, somebody told me. haha. i don’t know why, i figured there was nothing in south dakota for me.


You should put this in a book. Interesting. You should also come to WV. :wink:

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Well at least you got to enjoy seeing lots of different places :slight_smile:


My voices used to tell me ‘today we want you to go somewhere but we won’t tell you where and you need to trust us.’. Soooo I ended up driving like 200kms through random neighbourhoods ending up near some temples or airports or whatever. They would point out a temple and say it was dark energy lol. Or they’d point out a Chinese church and the voices would say they could make me speak Chinese to communicate.
Then I’d end up down on some train tracks looking for whatever the voices wanted me to look for. Just a never-ending treasure hunt.
It got a about 10 times crazier but I’ll leave it at that.

Moral of the story don’t listen to da voices.


Me too! Dammit, when are they getting some air conditioners for this place?

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its funny that i made friends along the way. one guy named john. lived in the mountains, he would spend his summers in idaho and then in the winter he would head to a trailer in the desert somewhere in the southwest. and then there were these camp hosts that befriended me, they took me in and served me dinner, they told me to become a camp host in different national parks, they were always travelling around going to different places for a season before moving on. the guy said i would just have to buy a truck and trailer. when i got to oregon i met this lady who called herself troll, we exchanged numbers at the beach and would hang out most days, she was wanting to drive to montana when i got a job in oregon so i decided to stay there. i was never alone.

it was an enjoyable experience mostly, except i burned through my savings.


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