I want to travel

now that I have a dependable vehicle I am going to start going places again. I feel free! my therapist wants me to come up one hour north of me to Norman to cook him and his wife chicken and kielbasa gumbo. I can’t wait. I also can go see my mom more now and I am so happy about that. I would go see her today but she is on a cruise. Anybody like to travel?

Here’s a song, it’s called “I Like Driving in my car” and ironically, it’s by a band called “Madness”

I hope things keep getting better and better for you jukebox! :sunny:


I wish I had more people where I lived that I could drive to and visit. In fact I have nobody in this state I can visit in my car.

I do like driving my car around though.

I’m glad you have a reliable car @jukebox and that dinner your making for your therapist sounds delicious. I wish you had a car that could travel overseas, I’d ask you to come here and make it!

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@anon84763962 aww dude…I wish I could too…I love cajun cooking it’s my specialty. Sorry you don’t have anyone you can visit. and thanks for the encouraging words.

@everhopeful thanks man, that was nice of you to say.


Just 2 months ago I overcame my fear of traveling and in two months I went to visit Prague capetown and Cannes it feels so much better to go around and see diff people, very refreshing! I don’t have many people to visit in my town tho it difenately would be nice to have people come over and reasons to leave the house but I am working on my social life bit by bit :slight_smile: on a positive note, I am losing the weight I gained and it’s getting easier to bounce around the house haha! Good stuff, this antidepressants I am on seem to do there job right :slight_smile:


Wow that’s great ! I’m glad you are doing so well. I have lost a lot of weight but I still have a big belly to lose. good for you!