Have you taken or do you take rexulti?

Hi everyone,

Rexulti has just been listed on the PBS in Australia, meaning a month’s supply now cost $38 instead of over $1000.

I’m not currently fishing for a med change but I’d still like to be informed of my options and would like user reviews of Rexulti.

If you have taken or currently take it, can you tell me about it? What’s your dose? Does it help with hallucinations? Does it help with delusions, and paranoia? What about side effects? TD? Agitation? Weight gain / loss? Tiredness?

Anything you have to offer is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading and replying!

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I heard this was in the paper today. I suspect there will be a mad rush for it tomorrow when the doctors are open.

I rely on my shrink. He knows what I need and I’ll ask him about it…I still do so well on zyprexa it will need to be good to want to try a change. That is always a hard thing to do!

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Yeah I’d like to know more about Rexulti too.

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I was on it for about a year. It helped immensely, produced a great sense of calm an enhanced my cognition. All that being said I have googled the drug and learned it is extremely similar to aripiprazole, binding affinities and intrinsic action at dopamine receptors are tweaked a bit to prevent abilify type sfx. Just remember, rexulti is certainly not good for everyone but possibly it may be the right thing for your brain chemistry.

Concerning sfx:

Propensity for weight gain: brexpiprazole > aripiprazole > cariprazine
•Propensity for somnolence: aripiprazole > brexpiprazole > cariprazine
•Propensity for akathisia: cariprazine > aripiprazole > brexpiprazole


Thanks @Anon10

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I gave it a go. Did as well as abilify does for most symptoms but I had bad panic attacks and nausea on it

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I take it. It helps with my suicidal ideation, so I guess it either helps with depression or intrusive thoughts. I have no side effects. I take 4mg. I’ve been on it for less than a year. It does not stop my hallucinations, I take saphris for that.

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