Results of Sleep Study

Got results from sleep study about an hour ago.

I honest can’t couldnt keep track of all the info. Something about 10 times stopped breathing and oxygen dropping down to 70 some percent and yada yada.

But the end result is that they gave me the option of getting a CPAP, which I accepted.

They have to submit to a separate entity and then they have to submit to insurance, so I have no idea when they will be contacting me about getting it.

I will give it a try anyway.


They said it was mild sleep apnea, I believe, btw.

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I hope it helps. I know you don’t get much sleep.

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I’m glad you’re taking the CPAP.


This reminds me I need to get back to the sleep study people. They called cause a referral from my doctor and I never got back. I was back and forth on getting it done, but some staff at day treatment convinced me to. Im glad you’re getting some help.

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1/3 to 50% of people stop using their CPAP machine or never fill their prescription for it.

I’m A CPAP Dropout: Why Many Lose Sleep Over Apnea Treatment - KFF Health News.

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that’s nothing to fool with…my dad says it’s like “slowly drowning” when you have that at night.

I sleep with a CPAP machine and it makes a huge difference with sleep, also I have more energy during the day :sleeping: The hardest part is getting used to the mask.

Is cpap a sleep machine? My dad has one. Hope you the best @Bowens

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