My partner is happy

My partner is happy they are doing a sleep apnea study on me. She said on nights she’s home she notices there are nights I quit breathing for a few seconds. I’m doing a at home sleep study what ever that means.


Hopefully the at home test is able you address the apnea. I’ve never heard of at home sleep studies. All mine have been done at a facility.

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Home tests are not very simple. I wish I had a in hospital test. I have moderate apnea but I have panic attacks when I use the machine. Ì know quite a few people who says it is fantastic. I just have bad claustrophobia.

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My machine is so loud my partner (wife) can’t sleep in the same room. The test is easy if you can fall asleep with a machine on. It monitors your breathing so they know if you stop breathing and when so they can program your machine to keep you breathing if you have the money for a programmable machine they can.

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I was kind of hoping for one in a hospital.

@FatMama I’ve seen them before I’m worried a little about if I do have apnea

@gobeyond I never thought about the machine not letting my partner fall asleep. We share a bed only 2 nights a week she works third shift

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