Restless Leg Syndrome


And yes, I know that’s a lot. I only take it once or twice a week after not sleeping for days.


What dose of Seroquel were you on? There’s a big difference between e.g. 400mg and 800mg when it comes to how soundly you sleep. You’d have to talk it over with your doctor, of course (and I would do that anyway since he/she might know of something else that can help you). But sleep is very important, especially when you have sz.


It’s been several years since I was on it, I just know they wouldn’t go higher and it wasn’t working so I went off it.


You were probably at 800mg or higher, then. :confused:


My RLS was caused by an iron deficiency, so you could get your iron levels checked out by Dr.


Codine helps with RLS


I just stretch my legs, brings temporary relief


Low iron causes RLS.


Stretching my legs helps the most for me


Sometimes klonopin can actually cause insomnia. That’s been the case for me in the past