Restless leg syndrome

I am on Abilify 15mg and am developing RLS. It’s really bothering me and making my insomnia worse. Looking online there is mixed data about whether Abilify causes RLS. Anyone else get RLS while on Abilify? Anybody have any tricks for falling asleep despite RLS?

I got tardive dyskinesia from abilify, are you sure what you have is RLS?

It’s notorious for Akathesia early. That can pass away over time. Talk to your doc.

Hi val , I too am on abilify but it’s the olanzapine that gives me rls . The pdoc gave me benzotropine to counteract the rls .

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I used to pace the floors like anything but it subsided over time. Do you feel like you need to walk? Constantly ?

I am pretty sure it’s not TD. Generally it only happens in the evening and I get this “jumpy” feel in my right leg (in particular). It’s almost painful and the only thing that helps is to get up and walk around.

It might be akethesia. I’ll ask my pdoc at my next visit.

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Only in the evenings…

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I have suffered a lot from RLS, but it is starting to get better since I have been taking Magnesium supplement, which LED kindly told me about a few weeks ago.

weirdly i stopped having rls after i started medication
try iron and magnesium

I’m on abilify 15mg too but don’t have RLS. Years ago I came off abilify and developed RLS as a withdrawal symptom.

A doctor once told me that he prescribes cloneazepam to treat RLS. I don’t know if you should go down the benzo route though.

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