Rest days?

Like I know it’s an oxymoron sometimes around here but I hear they are important with good exercise.

Anyways. Today had a rest day after a couple of weeks of a good weights regime and actually feel better. I think sometimes I can go too hard too early and I need to incorporate some down time in my cycle. I still need to do more cardio so when your doing weights does that count? Any of you who excercise…I’d appreciate your opinions…

Thinking I can keep things to rest day friday and maybe oscilllate between tuesday and wednesday every fortnight should do the trick…It takes a lot of my energy but it’s worth it in the long run! I know it’s a tough crowd on this subject but opinions are appreciated!


When I used to go to a gym for mass building, he suggested alternate days of weights
Its like tear* and heal and build and repeat.
*I think i am not using the right word

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Don’t overdo it @rogueone !!!


I need to get to the dentist but first I need to go to the ENT and possibly have an endoscopy. I want to take care of myself. I do the bare minimum. The garbage can has food on the walls around it. I have an agreement to clean my apartment but it’s dirty. I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s not even dawn and I might be sleepy at dawn but I have to grocery shop before it gets hot :fire:. I’m adjusting to a new medicine.

Exercise helps me physically and emotionally too.

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im doing Astanga yoga again for the first time in years consistently as many times a week as is practical. with this practice you’re supposed to take full moon and new moon days off as well as three days at the beginning of your period… If you’re a woman
I also take weekends off because there aren’t any zoom classes and i like the support
it’s only Monday to Friday and then very occasionally I take a day off if I really can’t be bothered… But that’s it… I do at least three days a week usually four, but normally walk on rest day and on an on day… more is better for rest I think… At least every fourth day if you’re doing weights I would think… When I was running and doing also one type of exercise like now… I could only do three or four days a week then as well
when you first start less is more… Add a day a week every four months
this is my approach I’m not as such muscle building, But it is similarly intense on the same muscle groups every practice

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