Resperidone and pregnancy

I just got pregnant and I’m on the lowest dose of resperidone 2mg
I need a lot of help here
Im not sure if I should cut the pill in half
And taper and go lower
Or if I should find an alternative medication
Or even if I should keep the baby
I’ve been with my partner for 10years
If we can have a healthy pregnancy
We want to.
But there’s a lot of pressure with this medication

You need to be discussing this with your doctors.


I suggest talking to your doctor about medication and pregnancy. Plenty of women here have had healthy pregnancies on meds including @LED @spiderpig @Qwerty (she is still pregnant) and others I forget right now.


Some meds are safer than others for pregnancy and your doctor may wish to switch you to a different med.


Thank you ninja star!!!

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You have no idea how much stress your comment took off my back!!

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Will discuss it with my doctor
I was just curious to know from people who have been through this already to maybe ease my stress a bit before I talk to my doctor today
We just found out yesterday!

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I’m sure the people I tagged will have something to add for you also.

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@Ninjastar is correct. All medications carry risk to some extent. With mine it’s growth of the baby. (I’m on aripiprazole)

Don’t just come off medication, speak with your psychiatrist and they will be able to advise what to do.

Congratulations also.


I took a hefty dose of haldol throughout the pregnancy and for 2 years of breastfeeding with no problems. It’s one of the safest options because it’s so old and there’s so much info about it.


My doctor tried to switch to haldol because they know more about it. I stuck with a low dose of olanzapine and didn’t breastfeed

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