Researchers Find No Amount of Alcohol is Healthy For You


Back and forth and back and forth and back again.

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We should close all the bars to be safe.

Think of the children!


They should just put a blanket worldwide ban on eggs and alcohol.


…and anything named Kardashian. Better safe than sorry.


They keep changing there minds I’m gonna stick with eating steak :laughing: you just don’t know the truth nobody really does cuz they keep changing their minds more than the weatherman lol


Yea u just have to use ur own research skills and feelings and needs in nutrition.

I’m guessing none of the researchers were French?

I’m tired of American scientists. Can we just get articles from Irish or Scottish or any other nationality that speaks English? I feel like we just get flip floppers.

So all that red wine is good for you is nonsense?


Good news!!! Water is amazing

It is obviously bad for you.

It is regarded as a group 1 carcinogen by the international agency for cancer research.

It is a matter of weighing up one’s life to how joy and pleasure you can have using recreational drugs versus living for a long time.

What is life if it is always austere?

The same goes for food which kills most of us sz early (61 average age) by metabolic reasons.

Can you live a life without the pleasures of unhealthy food?

Cancer is a horrible way to go though.

I know smoking is bad

But I don’t really drink

Nearly ruined my liver as a teenager and luckily my doctor helped me stop drinking

Used to have either 8 cans of beer or a bottle of whiskey most nights

But my liver recovered

That I am grateful for


I don’t drink. I don’t like feeling not in control of myself.

My father was an alcoholic

He ruined his mechanics business, spent customers money on the habit, cheated and then killed himself

It ruined his life

And I never got to know him

Sucks but based on what I have been told he was in a bad place

This was around 1990, so if he did have an issue that he needed help with, not sure the support existed at that time

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thats one way to start world war 3 :joy:

i still think alcohol is good for you. I seriously wonder if they considered mental well being in this study or just drew blood. A bit of alcohol can make you feel relaxed and forget about your problems after a long day. The problem is drinking too much.

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