Other Articles By the Guy Who Published That Red Meat Is Good For You

  1. Sugar provides energy
  2. French fries and potato chips are loaded with potassium
  3. Energy drinks really get you going
  4. Today’s food doesn’t provide enough salt
  5. The Western diet can help you live to 50
  6. Smoking doesn’t kill you immediately
  7. Drinking calms you down
  8. Weed has healing properties
  9. Caffeine really gets you charged up
  10. You’ve got to die of something

I assume you’re talking about this :smile:

I literally LOL’d at these.

That’s some funny sh it right there

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Haha - I actually thought that was legit serious for a moment.
I always have a sirloin steak or two when i can afford it - so that one suits me lol.

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I still buy a couple of ribeye steaks for us once a month…so delicious…

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I’m expecting we’ll find that current fads surrounding keto and gluten were also wrong once some time has passed.

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Today’s food doesn’t provide enough salt?

I’d like to know the reasoning behind that…

Well, red meat isn’t bad for you, as long as you have it in moderation.
It does provide proteins and stuff.

It’s when people overdo it they get health problems, but that applies to most things. Even water can give you trouble if you have too much!

I find it hard to get zinc in my diet and beef is pretty high in it which is why I eat beef quite a lot. Like 5 meals per week. Or something. I hope its not gonna kill me prematurely

But I need zinc for my immune system!!!

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