Research and understanding

I have done so much reading and research. Ive studied psychology a lot and i know many relating things. What i cant figure out is how to change my destructive habits and bad behaviour. How to stop the pain. No matter what i learn or try i fail. Which only makes my depression worse. I feel so powerless and lost. I sometimes wish everything was over or that i was never born. I have come to the conclusion that even though im intelligent and can solve most problems the one im facing must be unsolvable. I most likely will need medications and that scares me since i dont trust them.

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Maybe you need to see a therapist. Having an outside perspective on things can help a lot rather than trying to sift through all your problems on your own.

It probably does take medications, but it definitely takes time and patience.

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meds helped me a lot. They keep me safe and I will never stop taking them.
so what, you’ll have a few side effects. It’s not a deal breaker. you need to stay positive.

Honestly, I fill my life with random stuff, music, celebrities, makeup. I can not read and I have stockholm syndrome. I have obsessive thought disorder but you know what, at night when I put my head on my pillow, I sleep like a baby. Thanks god, I have so much to be grateful for and you need to look at the bright side of life no matter what you face. simple pleasures are best.

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Id say try not to fight the illness, enjoy yourself and don’t fear

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Medicine is usually a good idea.

I would be…maybe even dead if it weren’t for meds. And when it comes to studying psychology, I just graduated with the Chi Beta Phi science award in psychology among other honors (highest GPA in my department). I can’t figure everything out. If I could, people would be lined up at my door to ask me questions and I would need three secretaries.


But really, I refused meds for a year and then took them. Don’t make my mistake of waiting until you nearly die to take medicine.


Yea i feel like ive been on that edge too many times myself. Either from being suicidal or being reckless. I just want things to get better. Congrats on your degree btw. I just study it online i wish i could take more classes but i dont have time or money. Im going to see a psychiatrist next month so i am hoping it wilk help. I need something to cause if not ill probably end up dead. Or somehow somewhere worse.