Rescued a dog tonight

Note she is now going to a good home with kids and lots of food…

She was left in the open with no water… the neighbors had left out food for her. The owners gf said come get her to my gf cuz… but the bf told the neighbors to call the police… the neighbor said i got her to calm down so please just take the dog… so that was kinda shady…

but we saved the dog she has food and water and shelter from the bigass storm coming… her new owner will get her after work…i feel good about saving this dog…im unsure if i broke the law yet or not tho… thoughts?


Good work!!! That dog will thank you!

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It sounds like you did the right thing @flameoftherhine . If no one was taking proper care of her, I can’t see why anyone would try to mess with you for helping. Hopefully no one will be lame and cause you any further problems.


I’m glad you saved the dog. From the photo, it looks like her ribs are showing so the poor thing was probably not getting enough food or water. You earned some big-time good karma points in my book. :slightly_smiling_face:


This poor thing has clearly been neglected. If that guy tries to call he cops on you, you can just show them the dog and report him for animal cruelty.

My sister’s ex once rescued a dog right out of someone’s backyard, and he never got in any trouble. They just found the dog a better home.


That poor dog looks like it wasn’t well fed at all. I think you did the right thing. It will be way better off without that neglectful home. Good for you!


Patting you on the back!

Job well done @flameoftherhine. That dog is going to love you forever.


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