Repeat repeat every day no motivation

Sit here thinking too much
.if i wasnt such a paranoid hallucinating dingbat id leave everyday. I wouldnt care if a bus ran me over at least i did something. Gone. If wizard with staff asks me about my life. Flat out. Who say who cares.

I wirked tweleve years geit accused of ■■■■
Assumptions. Flat out who cares wizard with staff whio cares. Were dead. Dead.

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I guess i can find slumber. Dont eat the fruit you dumb bitch!

generally when someone burns out due to monotonous work it means their soul is not doing what is should be. do some soul searching and learn what you would love to do everyday for example if you had a million dollars and didnt need to work for money but you still wanted to work to do something to keep you busy, what would that be?

Medical billing and coding.


i just ate some fruit!! what do i do now??

i see your back from the crisis center you talked about?

How did it go?

Sorry your not feeling good enough to get out of the apartment today? being bored and letting bordom lead us to dwelling on past losses is bad for us. It inspires negative emotions.

If at all possible, try to do an activity to distract from dwelling on things in the past that are negative.

Maybe they gave you medicine to use to help you? maybe you are waiting for it to work.?

How are you doing?

I didnt go.they dont care. I dont care

Let me guess?

You called them first and it was discouraging? It did not seem they would help?

I tried that too when I needed help. (how I know)

You still have your appointment in Feb, so you are still not completely with out hope. Your hanging on. I held on too. It is the HARDEST thing to do!

I was also wondering if someone at your respite group maybe able to help?

Could you ask one of them working there to make a call on your behalf? Maybe they could help move your appointment up? or get some kind of “urgent-need-pre crisis-prevention” appointment?

You are worth caring about. I think you are just fustrated to the point of depressed? I know it is hard, but if you can, try to find it in yourself . That bit of stubborness you have, it can work for you instead of against you.

If you have to wait because of the system, then you are worth the wait. I think those who care about you would strongly agree.

It wont be long now till your appointment. Today is Jan. the 29th. Even if it is on the 14th of Feb. then you are already more than half way there.

Dont turn back. Be stubborn. Get what you came all this way for (because your worth it.)


Thanks for the message.

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Macy are you m or f

you mean my avitar?

My avitar reads M.

Male or female. Macy is unisex.

Name. 15151515151515151515

oohhhhh Just call me brick (rhymes with thick)… as in thickheaded. lol

I am female. I didnt know Macy is considered for either. ok.

Call me thick, again. (ugh)

No. I am not trying to be nice to you because you are female.

My interest in you, your post, is not romantic. It is just concern of one human being to another.

I went through very bad times that did not have to last as long as they did. (There was no treatment for me where i used to live.) During that time, when my symptoms were the worst, no one cared.

I could not even get a single 30 minutes counseling session. nothing. nada. zip.

This is why i keep giving you tidbits of advice that helped me like reality testing, pleasant sound effects and others. No one could be bothered to even tell me these simple things.

At my worst, I was utterly alone.
I just want to spare another person that feeling.

What? I never said …ok im goingung to go take a nap.

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is there a mis understanding? You never said what??? No i did not say you or me was thinking that way LMAO

most of the time when i am asked the question of male or female, it is because the person i am typing to does not beleive i am female.

They think i am a guy.

I just wanted to make it all clear. Does it bother you that i am a female who cares that someone(of any description) is having a difficult time.

I just didnt know why you asked, so i just made it all clear as a bell.

This. You are worth the wait, @roxanna.


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