Relationship issues and separation from my gf

Hello everybody, me and my girlfriend have both SZ (paranoid) and have been together for over 4 years. We have been living together in one flat for 2 years. So it got quite serious. I also attend cognitive behavioral therapy since November because of among other things problem with sexual drive towards her. I grown up with a sociopath, got PTSD in adolescence and got hooked on sex with prostitutes so am not sure I am capable of love :frowning: It was more about platonic love from my side most of the time in our relationship. It worked somehow, but I wish I would get more sexual attraction towards her. I was insisting on that. Anyways I got mental crisis two months ago, and because of that I was in mental istitution for over 1 month. I got value and life crisis there. I didnt feel support from my GF. And after that sth got a lot of worse in our relationship. Then had a honest talk with her and we both admit we need separation from each other for at least 6 months. We were quite close to breaking up. Do you have exp with separation and how you went through relationship crisises in your life?

I cannot speak from experience, but I hope you keep connected with her.

It sounds like you invested a lot of time into being with each other. I do know that letting a platonic relationship fall apart it’s hard to accept, I can’t imagine how it would feel at that next level.


Maybe at the end of six months, you two could get into sex counselling???

i hope all will be well in the future.
just gotta focus on the now to create a better future.
you know?
if i were in your shoes, i would work on myself before working with others.
the whole idea of loving yourself before loving others is ideal for me at least, a person with borderline personality disorder. i mean it’s tough crap but i think taking a break would be best for now. but these are just my two cents.
i unfortunately broke up with my bf a loooong time ago because we were both in a bad place mentally. now i don’t speak to this person anymore but i am just happy that you guys didn’t break up.
don’t give up on what you feel is true for you.
if that makes any sense.

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