Regret silly things

I regret silly things very often. I feel like…i feel ashamed, i feel it deeply. I think about what people think about me and my actions. I know i have done nothing wrong but sometimes it comes to my consciousness…can you relate? Silly things i mean, posting a song for exemple… Maybe i’m using internet the wrong way or i’m just overthinking


I had that alot when I was a teenager where I would be embarrassed after I did something but I got thicked skinned over the years and now days dont care to much about my image.

A neurologist who died and went to heaven, said that you would find, you can do no wrong in God’s eyes, as long as you’re not harming anyone probably.

Sometimes I forgive myself. others often do, God always does if I admit it to Him. That’s why J___s died for our forgiveness.

We have exaggerated perceptions of ourselves which we can’t live up to.

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Hey, I ruminate excessively. Have to remind myself that others aren’t thinking or have long forgotten maybe something I said or did. Sometimes something will trigger a thought of shame or embarrassment and it causes distress. It’s a phobia, maybe ptsd. I just switched meds and I’ve been much better keeping these bothersome thoughts in check. But when they surface, i have no defense and suffer through it.

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I always make sure that I don’t say something silly online and embarrass myself.

Oh, wait a minute, I do it every day.

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I say silly things quite often on this forum. Basically my style of humor helps me cope with things and just maybe it will help someone else crack a smile if their day is bad. But irl I’m careful what I say and do. I assume there is always a critical eye watching me.


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