I realize i do stupid things

Yea, some things i regret. I feel stupid afterwards. I feel like a total dumba$$.

■■■■ happens, that’s all I can say tbf

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True, sh@t happens it how deal with what it matters.

Yeah I agree mate, do your hardest to cope and accept and move far away from it.

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I do dumb spontaneous stuff too.
You gotta listen to others and think stuff through !!!

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Yes absolutly, i agree totally

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I say stupid things. Things I didn’t even mean. Like I didn’t think anyone was listening.


I do stupid stuff too. I wish life gave us a warning sign before we did stupid stuff. Like a computer window pops up: “Are you sure you want to do that? Yes/no.” Oh well.

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I do one stupid thing after another after another.

I am miss stupid.

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