Regarding the North Korea situation

I spoke to a rabbi who said I would be indirectly responsible and would be punished accordingly in the world to come, even though my punishment would be lessened if I did everything I could to stop it and it was against my will.

What do you think about this?

Well it is up to you if you believe the rabbi.

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Don’t speak to people that will support this delusional thinking.


I don’t know what to believe.

There is no “situation”. It’s all in your head.

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Well choose whatever make life easier for you

I think I’m blocked but @flowers20 you need to have your own power to decide things for yourself. What someone thinks should be considered but ultimately you need the power to think for yourself.


I’m guessing this religious leader’s opinion was based on thousand year old texts written by delusional humans.

Also, just because someone happens to be a religious leader doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about.


Your question to him is irrelevant. The entire question is irrelevant because the situation you are describing is never going to happen. You are never going to be taken to N. Korea and made the dictator. You are worrying about hypotheticals that will not happen. I think we should be concentrating on the root of your problem, which is this N. Korea delusion instead of entertaining possible consequences to a situation which will never come to be.


Also, to the effect of what @Bowens mentioned:

@flowers20 if I remember correctly, you said that you were afraid of being punished because you mentioned North Korea in some raps a long time ago.

Using that same logic, don’t you think that people who have parodied Kim Jung Il and his spawn publicly would have been the first in line to get in trouble?

Like, Seth Rogen and James Franco made a movie about North Korea that got them into hot water:

And Trey Parker and Matt Stone made Team America, which pokes fun at the country’s leadership as well:

These people made millions off their critiques of Kim Jun Il and Co., and live about as normal lives as one can live with celebrity status.

What I’m trying to say is just because you wrote a rap or two mentioning North Korea doesn’t mean they’re gonna come take you away.

I think you’re gonna be okay.

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I wrote a rap about ISIS not North Korea. And I did some other questionable things too that worry me that I was a terrorist. But even if I wasn’t my devil boyfriend might have set me up.

Mkay… Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.

Anyways, my point is:

Nobody’s gonna spend hundreds of thousands to make you look like some human thumb so you can get all the privileges that a dictator gets.

Furthermore, your boyfriend can’t be the devil because my ex-boyfriend was.

…Can’t have two devils in the same room.


Here’s my isis rap

Isis is the coolest group
They probly eat soup
They all drive coupes
Mini coops
I wrote a rap about some troops

So will I become a dictator now that I wrote the rap?


The devil can be multiple places at once

The devil ain’t shiit.


Oh no. I drive a Mini Cooper…


Uh oh your gonna be a dictator too

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@flowers20 I only try this to show you that a rap is nothing but some words so you can relax about it


You know what? F**k it. If I’m gonna be a dictator, I’m going to enjoy it. I have lots of ideas about how things should be run.

I’ll be the first liberal, equal rights dictator!

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I think @Schztuna was being sarcastic when she said her ex was the devil @flowers20 .I don’t want you to think someone else believes this too.

I still say we need to concentrate on your delusions and not the potential consequences of your delusions. Your N. Korea belief and the belief that your boyfriend is the devil being foremost among them atm.