Will I go to hell if I become the dictator

Not by choice, but forced to.

Not sure what you mean @flowers20

Forced to become dictator.

You’ll never be a dictator so don’t worry. It’ll never happen

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That’s not going to happen, Sweetie. Nothing to worry about

My boyfriend is really weird and I think he set me up. Or I did something to set myself up.

North Korea does not want a female non-Korean dictator at all. No way do they want you

I just can’t get over thinking they will do this to me. I feel so alone and guilty for not moving away.

There’s no need to feel guilty. You’ve done nothing wrong. North Korea would never tolerate having you as a dictator. It’ll never happen

What if I’m not really schizophrenic? I feel like I made it all up since I was younger. Now I sound like everyone here. But I really mean it.

You are, at the very least, completely delusional. You’re not faking

Well shouldn’t I have left just in case to make myself safe?

You probably have no idea, the knowledge required to be a dictator. I wouldn’t worry about it.

You’re getting yourself wound up over nothing. Maybe you are just tired, things get to me more when I am tired too. when was the last time you had some good sleep?

No you shouldn’t have left because they don’t want you to be their dictator

No I get enough sleep.

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