My friend said

that God would see through the ■■■■■■■■ if I became dictator against my will. My question is if I was a terrorist before and I brought it upon myself for these negative things to happen, would God still see through the ■■■■■■■■ and not hold me accountable, deserving of hell?

What have you done that could make you be considered a terrorist?

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Hell doesn’t exist because we all try our best, with the capability we got. God sees that.

I wrote raps about ISIS that I think were hacked off my phone. I also took long walks. I feel like at my job I was financing it somehow through the memberships I created as a cashier. I don’t know. I just heard a voice that said, “Are you going to take your ISIS pills” regarding my adderall and that sort of made me think I was a terrorist. Also the visions I had where they would torture me made me think there must be a reason they wanted to torture me so I was a terrorist.

You have no experience being a dictator and running a country. You don’t even speak Korean and I bet you know next to nothing about North Korea.
Why on earth would anybody on this planet think that North Korea would ever make you into being their dictator?

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