Regained my emotions, this is scary!

Should i be worried? Will i relapse? Is it normal for a sz to have emotions?

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what kind of emotions you are expiriencing?

Just like feeling minor joy sometimes, minor sadness. Feeling calm and laughing at some funny memes, feeling groinal response to sexual stuff, enjoying video games, food tastes amazing (even low end), appreciating the looks of a cute girl


Sounds nice!


I just talked with my mom and said that i feel “unwell” and said i regained my emotions. I asked if i look about to relapse and she said firm no. I feel like i want to do all home chores today

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Sounds pretty good to me man. It sounds like you’re just coming around

Is this initial step to recover from last psychosis?

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I’m really not sure. But regaining your emotions is a good sign I would think

Just be happy that you feel alive. It might not last. I’ve had such phases but they usually only last for a couple weeks/months.


I could tapped down to my proscribed meds for such emotions.

It seems that your emotions are back to normal.

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