Reflections on that "breakthrough" research

It seems to me that each new piece of evidence is grounds for “experts” to engage in intellectual fisticuffs . I think some are supreme egotists more interested in arguing than actually helping patients.
As for this research,it’s certainly getting a lot of press coverage. I’m firmly in the cautious “let’s wait and see” camp. Often these things fail to replicate or it turns out the gene concerned only accounts for a tiny fraction of psychosis/schizophrenia cases.
I think half or more of the problem is that schizophrenia is an umbrella term for a group of similar but different conditions that probably have multiple causes, and multiple best approaches. Saying it’s all genetic or all non genetic is too simplistic by far. The pathways to what is collectively called schizophrenia are no doubt many and varied and doing what is best for the individual is I think the key. What works for one may not work for another.
Ultimately all those with psychosis/schizophrenia are individuals first with a multitude of different factors distinguishing one person from another. Perhaps treating the individual as opposed to adopting a more general one size fits all approach, be it medication or non medication, is the best way to help people.


When you boil everything down, it’s all genetic. I can think of worse approaches.

Me, I’m still betting on gut bacteria.


To be honest, I always tune out when I hear ‘genetic’ and ‘schizophrenia’ mentioned in the same sentence.