Refills question

So I worried about getting a refill from my doc for xanax, which has been turning my behavior around for the better, and today I realized that I had a friggin refill written on the bottle! I had been worried sick and wtf, a refill!

Do your meds have refills on the bottle? I noticed some of mine have like 3 refills, some have zero. Does anyone know why they write refills for some meds and not for others? I was shocked to see a refill on xanax, I thought they kept a close watch on you and refilled it with every appointment.

When some doctors think that you need the medication for few months they mark refile so you wont go and visit the doctor every month for the same reason. They are only allowed to refill 3 times. My risperdal is refill 3 times, than on the 3rd month i see my pdoc.

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That explains it. He gave me a refill on xanax so that means he assumes ill be taking it for a while. Makes sense. I hope to be on it long-term, it cancels out akathisia caused by geodon and also treats my generalized anxiety disorder.

My psychiatrist puts refills on the prescription, and and usually i see him every 12 weeks so he makes sure the refills last that long. my family doctor put me on propranol for my heart it just so happens as added affects that help with anxiety and akathisia.

My last doctor loved to give me refills on every drug I took. The current doctor I’m seeing doesn’t like to give out refills, although she gave me refills on my Klonopin which I take on a daily basis. It all depends. I think refills on Benzos is a good thing. It’s rough if you run out and have to rely on a prescription to get the benzo filled again. Benzos like xanax and Klonopin are physically and psychologically “addictive”. I need to function at a decent level, I need to take Klonopin everyday.

yeah thats why I was worried. I am addicted to xanax, if i try not taking it, i cant sleep and get akathisia and feel uneasy. I usually take just 1mg 2x a day so hopefully I will be allowed to take it long term. I’ve got an appointment on the 14th so that’ll be a big day for me. I’m just doing SO well that I want to stay on this regiment for life, it has made me feel so healthy and its had me doing things like going on dates and not engaging in rumination for an hour a day.

I made all A’s this semester and dated two girls so hopefully he will take that as evidence that its good for me. I just hate being unsure of whether I will be permitted to go long-term with it, it is making me live such a happier life without anxiety freakouts. I used to get psychotic if I got too nervous, now I just feel confident about everything.

I feel the same way mortimermouse, the Klonipin has allowed me to do more things, feel less freaked out about everything. The way I see it, I am dependent on not just benzos, but all my other psych meds as well. I am going to be on meds for the rest of my life. If the benzos are doing me good, that is just fine with me. I am not concerned with the addiction aspect of it anymore. If I need to take them to survive, then I will take them.