Does your doc give you refills

My aprn doesn’t. I wish she would give me one refill on my abilify or naltrexone. I understand the klonopin, no refills. But abilify and naltrexone, can do with a refill. My last pdoc gave me the max number of refills for meds except klonopin which I only needed to fill every 3-4 months. As a result id only see him as needed service when I need klonopin. 3-4 times per year. And hed only keep me on the phone for 5 minutes max. And I’d get so anxious about the appointments I’d forget some things he’d be trying to kick me off the phone.
I like the new aprn better but I wish she would give a refill on the abilify naltrexone but oh well.

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My pdoc gives me too many refills.

I’ll see him and he’ll give me refills for 6 months, then I’ll see him 2 months later and he’ll give me another prescription even though I don’t need it for another 4 months. I don’t get it.

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I get four months worth of refills every time I request a refill.

On all my medications,

Abilify, Wellbutrin, Klonopin and Ambien.

But I see my pdoc every month.

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I always have all kinds of extra pills. I’ll have refills still left and the the docs will give me a new prescription after an appointment so that the pills keep piling up.

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Even klonopin cuz my pdoc used to give me refills on it then I thought the law changed because he said he couldn’t anymore.


My pdoc hasn’t given me any refills really. I see him once a week to once a month but he only ever writes for 30 days and when he knows I’d run out before seeing him again. My appointments are 30-60 minutes and I’m on vraylar.

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The law did change. You have to be seen by your dr for them to legally refill your controlled meds.

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My insurance covers my meds every 30 days, my pdoc fills it every 30 days, it’s all automatic as long as I continue to go to my appointments and cooperate with my treatment plan the meds keep flowing automatically. Now I have overdosed on my meds a number of times so I signed up for meds management where they keep my prescriptions and only give me one week at a time, that way if I decide to take my pills it won’t be fatal.

My doctor likes to give me refills on the risperidone but not so much on the Depakote or Klonopin.
Not unless I remind her.

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ah we don’t have refills here… we just get several prescriptions and get a new box every time… they don’t refill it.


When I was on klonopin they wanted to see id and sign the prescription slip. Iirc they gave refills just they were just careful who they gave it out to.