Does anyone know how long you can wait to fill a klonopin prescription?

I know with narcotics, there’s a shorter period of time between when you get handed a script and when you can hand it to the pharmacy to get it filled? Does anyone know how long that period is? I’m thinking its either 1 week or 2 weeks. Because I got my script last Friday (July 22nd), but I haven’t given it to the pharmacist yet because I had leftover pills. Anybody know? I can always have the doc phone in the prescription but I’d rather not bother him.

well like my pdoc just prescribes me for a month. i can take up to 3 valium a day so she writes the script for 90. i dont go through them that fast but iwould think it would be longer than 2 weeks but idk

This was a year ago but I had a months leaway for a script. But now nys is all electronic so idk how it is here.

Well, with controlled substances, they generally let you refill it two days before you ought to be empty- at least for me, they do. I take xanax, and when I go in for more, I know to go in with just one or two days dosage left in the bottle or else they say “oh too early”. They did it with Geodon too, once or twice.

But one thing about our diagnoses and meds is that they love to give us benzos because they generally make us quit asking for more meds, and make us also chilled out not calling doctors and being “problematic.”

They probably take one look at me (I look the part) and see how disturbed my brain is, and then just hand that xanax over like “take this ■■■■ and chill, yo, and don’t be doing any other drugs.”

The joke is that they don’t see my scholarly record, they just see “PTSD, SCZ” and figure I must be an unlucky vet or something like that.

Basically, don’t go in for more until you have less than a week of it left, as a rule of thumb- and don’t take more than prescribed. You should be fine if you can do that.

I think @turningthepage is asking when the script will expire, right?

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