Recovery rates


I literally have no idea where I sit in this chart

They have said I have a good prognosis, I am treatment resistant, I should give up etc etc etc

This for me has been an extremely confusing experience to have, as I do not know what to expect in order to plan for the future



Same here. It gets confusing when they use psychiatric oxymoron’s such as ‘In remission with some breakthrough psychosis’. I’m doing OK within the context of a lifestyle in which stress is minimised. It would be an outright lie to say that I’m functioning on a par with age/IQ/sex matched people from the general public.

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10% of people who have psychosis did of suicide!! Thats insanely high. Can’t believe I didn’t know that.

Only 25% with no relapse? I am one of those but my negatives are horrible so is my life quality. What about negative symptoms? The chart seem to only show positive symptoms statistics.