I read an interview of psychiatrist saying that 1/3 of people

…who had psychotic episode have a good prognosis and that they will and might be able to manage without meds. They only need meds for a short period of time until they stabilize and then if they have a peaceful life they could come off meds. Other third of people have medium good prognosis, and other third not that good. About 1 % of people who experienced psychosis will need help of other people and institutions.

So this is something i read many times before. 1/3 of people will have a chance to come of meds and not relapse, but they need a peaceful life. Something that is not always possible.


My pdoc told me after a first episode 3 out of 10 make it off meds but out of them sets of 3, 3 out of 4 will eventually relapse.

It is possible I made it off for almost 5 years until I smoked some weed. Biggest mistake of my life.


i knew this for 15 years

I don’t understand.

I meant life without stress.

I still don’t know what that means.

It depends on the illness I guess. My cousin has chronic depression with psychotic features and only had one psychotic break and is now off aps. Only takes an ad.

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John Forbes Nash Jr. is a notable exception. He quit all his meds and everything on the spur of the moment and recovered until his death decades later. But this is a rare instance.

I thought i was one of the lucky few because I have not had a second episode. But I can’t get of these meds

I’m pretty stable on meds, but my pdoc said I probably won’t be able to come off of my medication without relapsing. Sucks its probably lifelong.