Recovery and set backs

So I need to type this down so I can put my words out there and see where they hit me.

I struggled a lot in the past with delusional thoughts about god, creation, religions and the likes. Yesterday someone here, without intention of doing so, triggered me into those thoughts again. It’s not like I can’t appreciate the benefits religion can bring to a person who lost hope, but for me it’s believing in fairy tales, nothing but a mass delusion to keep is in the comfort of knowing something out there has our backs even if we lose our paths.

The most destructive and malicious people I’ve met were deeply religious, but thought they had their lives saved for believing in god and going to confession. I’m not generalizing, I like the religious folks in here, it’s all good people, and don’t mean to discredit your own belief systems either, these are just observations for my own self, for my own recovery.

I’ve spent the last year and half coming out of these thoughts, struggling to keep afloat from them. It’s not just my grandiose delusion I worry about, but the constant fear of demons being real, and a lot of other stuff often involving delusions of reference mostly.

I have to thank @Azley and @mortimermouse because they, with and without knowing, helped me a lot keeping my feet on the ground with science based thought patterns. I keep my self mentally healthy that way.

This is all to say that my recovery has it’s set backs, yesterday was a terrible day, today is a bit better, tomorrow will be better for sure and some set backs might return in the future. I need to find a way not to be triggered by others beliefs, it’s not my fault, it’s not their fault, it’s just how it is and I don’t want to make people uncomfortable sharing their recovery paths that involve religion.

I’m going to take a walk now, I feel better since I got this off my chest.

Thank you for reading, sorry if I offended anyone and have a great day everyone.


Keep moving and studying, @Minnii

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Most people here seem to have struggled with which part of spirituality, if any, is real. Including myself. (Who can blame us, seriously) So you’re in good company.

You recently had a med change(injection every 5 weeks instead of 4 or something) , so keep an eye on that.

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I am really sorry if I have ---- i think we need to BAN all religious and spiritual discussions.

Religions tend to be father oriented - the kingdom, almighty father, etc. This shoves mother in the back seat when actually she is the stronger influence on a child. I notice that fathers who are set free have happier children. Mother is free-er to focus on them (her children).

Totally agree — i kind of like Richard Dawkins opinion on this…religious teachings to children should be banned.

Similar to what used to happen in the Soviet Union and what currently happens in the Peoples republic of China.

Parents unwantedly feed all Dogma to their children even before the children have yet to discover themselves.

I think it is great that you have the courage for your honesty! Everyone should be accepted for their input. Schizophrenia isn’t anything to take lightly and what helps is different for every Schizophrenic. If scientific inputs help you the most, then that is great that you have something. I hope everything works out for you, you deserve it!

I believe the opposite from you then I guess

I’d just like to nip this in the bud, with the official rules.


It wasn’t you @lionelmessi

And I don’t like extremes, I think if a person trully benefits from religion they should be alowed to say so.


here is something to cheer you up @Minnii


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No one should be condemned for anything here, I thought that was the purpose of a forum!

Fathers are very important in a relationship, two heads are better than one as they say,

and if it wasnt for fathers Then there would be no children in the first place but Thats not All we are good for,

nothing Beats a good healthy relationship between a mother, fathers and their children.

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Just to clarify, I agree with you everhopeful.

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One doesn’t have to be married to have children. Did you forget?

Hey, sorry if it was me yesterday. I agree, extremists and people who believe in single truth are destructive and dangerous. Take care

(I am talking a bit about what I believed and what I believe now. If you don’t want to read, you don’t have to.)

Yeah, it can be dangerous and destructive. I’ve spent some time in desilusions too, talking with angels and gods etc… Then I thought the bad things happening to me are caused by me being a ‘satanic’ person who is forbidden. That is quite destructive, right?

I got rid of that, but I seem to keep a believe, internally, that I will live once again on this planet after this life. And it is quite positive, because I don’t have such a rush on becoming someone. If I don’t accomplish something in this life, I can do it later. The universe will give me one more chance once I’m ready.

Yeah but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And there’s nothing wrong if a father is missing. Everybody need something different. It’s okay if you think this, but it’s okay to disagree too.

It wasn’t you, it was on a pm. It was not the persons fault really. To each their own.

Give it some time, maybe those thoughts pass if you really want them too. I still have delusions, but I don’t believe them as hard as I believed them just a few months ago.

I think the fact that you’re talking about them in a sz forum is already a good sign. Shows that you want for them to leave, because you consciously know they’re harmful to you.

Any type of belief system is dangerous for us really, for me the best policy is “We don’t know, actually don’t know”, science is the only thing right now that can bring us closer to some kind of truth, and even science fails us sometimes.

If they are really believers they wouldn’t behave this way. I am sorry for your experience. And I can only speak about Christianity. I am not knowledgeable in other religions, and I am speaking from non-satanic religions, don’t know anything about them either. There is a reference point to all beliefs, right or wrong, I wouldn’t judge.

Well, my ‘belief’ is ‘truth doesn’t exist. Maybe somebody knows, but that’s hard to tell.’

Also inspiring are some quotes from Assassin’s creed, if you played :smiley:
What they say all the time: ‘nothing is true. Everything is permited.’ But take it with reserve. They explain it more in the game…

It’s better not to rely on religion too much…

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