My conversion

my conversion has happened through my online activities, i started out on these forums listening and occasionally posting on the old forums in the poetry section

but as you know a lot of people post a lot of negative things about God and religion, Christiaity etc and i just never had that in me, i was brought up in a way that i couldnt stand by and watch that happen, so i started to defend it and it made me feel good, i felt like i had a purpose, a cause.

it developed over time, i was un well a few times and had religious delusions and things mainly about planes and muslims and getting attacked and things, it was quite frightening but luckily i had sweep with me at that time to help.

then i was put on a new med and that really brought me out of my shell, i felt invigorated, i was a lot better, after a while i was at college and i was staying on my own with sweep visiting and i decided i was going to bite the bullet and see what would happen, so i went to a church in my area and everyone was very friendly, most people are older and i find it is a much safer enviroment

anyway that is about my conversion it is thanks to god for drawing me nearer to him and making me stronger.

just thought i’d share :slight_smile:


I didnt really understand,you converted from what to what?

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From having no real faith, didn’t know what faith was really, I had always believed in god but I was far from being a christian, I was saved, reborn,

I believed in getting better and I thought I could do that with the help of medication, I wasnt delusional I just asked for help and it has helped me


You seem to know the path that you should follow.

Wish the best for you daydreamer.


Everyone has to find their own way. What works for one person might not work for another.


that is true crimby i just wish i could share what i know with everybody but not everybody wants to listen, i think the little that i know is so important that it could potentially benefit everyone.

Depends on the person.

Different people different paths. You gotta respect that.

Your an outstanding dude. You’ll be just fine.

In a few years who know where you’ll be.

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thx @SoItGoes

your a nice guy too

i am hoping to maybe one day be med free but its impossible just now

i have been told that i will always need medication but i am praying for a miracle

who knows what might happen

meds are an extremely important part of recovery though

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I do not know if God exists.

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this may have nothing to do with what you said but it made me think of something i have been told recently by a couple of people,

a couple of people have said to me that even the scientists now are starting to think that all of these wonderful wonders of the worlds and planets and planet earth and everything could not just have been brought about purely by chance, i was told that they are starting to think that everything has a purpose and that it must have been designed in some way, whether or not they think it was god is another story but it is seems to be going that way now.

its hard bc you cannot see him and we are use to seeing things with our own eyes, thats why it takes faith to be able to believe in him that he is there and he wants to help us in some way. maybe not by touch but in other ways, its hard but all of this for me really helps and my meds help me to be stable enough to be able to get to know him better.


That is true…Intelligent design. There are certain things in creation, in the natural world that would not be possible without an intelligent designer…the scientists have said the chances of such things coming into existence by random chance are astronomical to the point of impossible.
Just look at the perfect orbit and inclination of earth so it can sustain life. the complexities of cells and what they can do. All the of different elements and their purposes. that’s just simplifying things, I have read some scientific reports that draw out the details that point to an Intelligent Creator, or God.

That’s the stumblingblock for many people. But we don’t see the oxygen we breathe or the gravity that keeps us grounded either…yet these exist. In the same way God can in some way be ‘measured’ by the complexities of nature…as it says in the Psalms, the heavens declare the glory of God, and Paul wrote For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead…

.The conversion experience can even be viewed as evidence. When I was younger, drinking most of the time, messing with drugs, into dark occultism, and just a dark place in my life, the counseling didn’t help, changing location didn’t help, people didn’t help, AA and a rehab didn’t help…but when I seriously sincerely turned to Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit came, I was off the drugs, the alcohol, and put away all the dark occult stuff and negative thinking. 10 years of really bad stuff just gone with only the help of Jesus. the problem before is I really didn’t want to give up those things…when Jesus came i actually was given the inner desire to stop those things and my very nature of thinking was changed, literally overnight. I even had that repentance part of conversion before i set foot in a church which wasn’t till a couple months after I had committed to Jesus.

Lets put it this way, if I was 21 - 22 on this forum I would have mocked and denounced any posts about God, I would have praised satan and tried to encourage people to the dark side, and i probably would have told people to take LSD and smoke weed and everything would be ok.

i see him in nature, every time i see the sky at dusk and all the way the trees fall and make artwork in the woods, the water and the way it flows and sounds and bird song, it is amazing, even in the feel of the wind on my face, its like there are so many ways to see his works and his work is all part of his grand design which is part of him, so when i see that i can see him in that, his work, proof that he exists,

i have always believed in him even when i was sick, or maybe i should say he has always believed in me, i just didn’t realise it, he put that med in my hand and gave me new hope for the future and i thank him for that, nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason even if we dont know what that reason is.

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Found this this morning in the misty dawn…


even a spider has his web, it is the great designer of its own intricate design, makes you think doesn’t it lol