Recovered Schizophrenic

I was first diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2006. It was all downhill after my first psychotic episode, and I was taken into hospital numerous times. At that time I was living in Melbourne, Australia. Thing’s were horrible for me down there, my friends all abandoned me, and my family just buried their head’s in the sand.

I decided to move up to Brisbane, and it was a real fight to get myself sorted. I had to go into a clinc here for my injection (Abilify) I took it for 2 year’s, but the symptoms persisted. I had to find another way around the illness, so through mental self analysis I solved the problem for my condition. I’ve been off all medication for 5 months, and I have not relapse so far.

It basically came down to dissembling my belief systems, all of them. It seems that if I create assumptions about my environment & hold beliefs about them I become mental unstable. This is most likely because beliefs are an exaggeration of my current knowledge (And sends me off into delusions)



This is how I stopped having positive symptoms as well. How are you doing apart from that? Are you doing OK at the moment?

Yeah, all is well.

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good for you! 15155155151

:grin: Thanks for the reply.

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I did a similar thing,
In 2013 I dissassembled all my belief systems
Then I took a conservative approach and excluded supernatural ideas.

I still occasionally hear voices and I can live with that

Negative symptoms are not good for me though so I’m trying to find a way to improve that.

Are you talking about religious & spiritual belief systems?

Yeah for the most part. It was a major contributor to my hallucinations/delusions

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