Hello all - am new to the forum

Hi everyone - i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when i was 25 - which was 17 years ago. The first major episode was when i was age 17 & i was hospitalised for 4 months on a locked ward. Initially the diagnosis was severe drug induced psychosis. Then at the age of 21 i was diagnosed with psychotic depression, after a severe suicide attempt.

i also had some strange experiences in childhood.

i’ve had a lot of questions, doubt, & confusion about the schizophrenia diagnosis - But i have comes to a lot more acceptance around it all.

The last psychiatrist i worked with was adamant it has all been a case of severe schizophrenia.

i tend to take an integral/holistic view - mind/body/soul - bio/psycho/social/spiritual.

i have maintained a low dose of anti-psychotic medication for the past 10 years, which does help keep me stable & out of severe psychosis.

Things have been very difficult in one way & another.

i will look forward to chatting with you all.


Hello there! And welcome!

Hello, welcome here! I hope you can find all the answers you search for in here, and also get as much communication as you like, because we all need it.

Thank you both for the Welcome/replies.

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Welcome, I have benefited from this forum since I joined in 2013, can talk with people who have same problems.

hey! I am very new to this forum as well, just made an account yesterday. however I am far younger than you, but I’m sure we can all help each other out on here. :slight_smile:


It started out as depression for me. Had a manic episode that lasted for about 4 or 5 days and it became depression with psychotic features. Finally became schizophrenia. Welcome!

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Yes, that’s the way it seems to be with schizophrenia. You got take advantage of those rare good moments.

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I’ve been here since 1995 when sz.com was started by Brian Cheeko. Then I go away and pop back in at random times. When I returned the new software worked well on phones so now just too easy to pop in instead of firing up the heavy metal gaming machine that is getting dusty. :wink:

Welcome to the forum !

Also wanted to give a Welcome and hope that all the new people on here find this forum as helpful as I did.

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Thanks everyone for the welcomes.




Hi and welcome.

welcome to the forum! It “can” be nice here.

Hello, nice to meet a new person.

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard!

thought i would say hi
take care :deciduous_tree:

welcome …