Recently Diagnosed SchizoAffective

I was recently diagnosed as schizoaffective. I’m so confused because I am well aware that the voices are false. I have never had visual hallucinations when sober. People do say I don’t make sense sometimes, and I talk monotonous, but that is just my personality and I am scatterbrained. I just don’t understand. Anybody willing to talk to me about this?

I’ll talk I’m sza too, similar symptoms

Thank you for replying. What age were you diagnosed? I am 25, I had 3 psychotic episodes two years ago, but the first one was drug induced, and the other two I believe were residual drugs in my system.

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Well I’m 37 and been dealing with voices for 2-3 years and bipolar for 7 and depression for prob 25. Been thru 5 hospitalizations since 30.

hi I’m tera I’m sza too. Are you on meds? if you don’t mind me asking


Welcome. This is a safe place to receive and give emotional support. A lot of friendly people here.

I have schizophrenia, but we have many people with schizoaffective disorder (which we usually abbreviate szA).

Again, welcome !!

Yes, I am on Vraylar, sertraline, mirtazapine, and bupropion.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I have questions.

Is it possible to develop it so late in life?
Does it count even if I know the voices are fake?

Also mostly it is gibberish like words that make no sense together or just random mumbles. Very rarely do they say something that makes sense.

Yes you can develop it late. Your lucky you just got mumbles cause I got voices so clear it was very convincing.

25 isn’t late in life, I think that sounds about right from what I’ve seen/read/heard. Yes I think mumbling counts. and what are some other questions you have?

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It still counts as an auditory hallucination even if you know it isn’t real. That’s insight, and it’s a good thing.


Yes, I don’t understand why everybody who gets a diagnosis of sza or bipolar says they are “confused?” Why? What on earth do you want to be? Sz for gosh sakes?

I have schizophrenia, and my voices started out the exact same way. Just mumbling or incoherent gibberish. I didn’t get treatment, and they progressed into the screams of my family members being tortured in very explicit detail.

I always knew the hallucinations weren’t real. It was obvious for me. If your voices are still at the gibberish stage, I advise you to stick with your meds so they don’t get worse.


Also, hello! Welcome to the forum!

I had schizoaffective but it turned out to be serious untreated depression and OCD for years.
I am completely sane and lucid now and only need minimal medication.
They said mine was from drugs too. So maybe technically you aren’t schizoaffective.
In order to be schizoaffective you have to have constant psychosis like a schizophrenic in the absence of mood symptoms.
Tell your doctor that you think it’s mood related if it’s from drugs. Maybe you will find that you actually have done form of bipolar disorder rather then schizoaffective

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