For those diagnosed with SZ and don’t hear voices

For those of you diagnosed with a Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective diagnosis but don’t hear voices or have constant auditory hallucinations, have you ever doubted your diagnosis?

I’ve been diagnosed with SZA many times but never heard voices.

Hearing ‘voices’ is a hallmark SZ symptom.

Maybe this is why my current psychiatrist diagnosed me with bipolar disorder, I don’t know?

Although my therapist diagnosed me with Schizoaffective.

I understand that not all schizophrenics hear voices but still.

It’s a very common symptom.

We’re you diagnosed with SZ/SZA?

But …

  • Hear voices
  • Don’t hear voices

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I’ve heard voices when I stopped my meds but NEVER on an antipsychotic

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I was put on Lamictal at one time, and want to bring it up with my current PDoc… I think I may see it’s benefits this go around.

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I’m on Lamictal now and I think it’s a good SZ and bipolar med.

My anxiety has gone down on it and I’m more sociable


I switched PDocs only a couple times since 2005, I’m not gonna complain but at the same time, I feel like I’ve lost some time here, that’s how much I’m beginning to think it’s a good call for me… thanks for the two cents, @Wave!!

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I thought i was cured. I was smoking weed for two years and had no hallucinations. I have never had visual hallucinations. voices were likely induced by certain meds like Prozac or Lexapro because they stopped when I went off them. I am thinking about quitting the pills at this point Im tired of being dependent on pharma and I dont trust it anymore.

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the only reason I went back on meds and saw a psychiatrist in the first place was to treat my cocaine addiction but it turned into something else entirely…

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I had some doubts when I was still pretty sick but I never doubted it because I don’t hear voices. I had plenty of visual hallucinations though.

If they diagnosed you with bipolar just because you don’t hear voices that would be a clear misdiagnosis.

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they really do not care. I dont think meds are the answer. My moms crazy rn but I still dont think hospitals and meds are the answer.

the thing is it takes my mom a few days to become psychotic where-as me I took maybe six months before being manic which is more like bipolar–and the bipolar didnt last always…but I would get super manic and thats when I was seventeen it hasnt happened like that since i started smoking weed…


No I don’t think that’s the only reason.


I have mild auditory hallucination not voices more like an angry whispering i can’t understand really.

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Dear, I never had voices, but I am a paranoid sz unfortunately and it was pure hell…
And yeap, I doubted my diagnosis the most of the time in fact. The docs even tried to sugar it, by not telling it in my face, that it’s sz… I am even unaware of it right now…
Maybe just once, when I was so low, I thought that I hear the hell, that’s all… but no voices for me neither visual hallucinations. Maybe a couple of times, some states close to that, but it was weak still…
I know, that there are many szs without voices :smirk:

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I can’t say that I hear voices more often then I don’t. I’m mostly just fine, but every now and again I’ll hear my mom calling me from the other room in a low sort of the walls have weakened the sound way, and I’ll go ask what she wanted and it turns out she didn’t call me.

Mostly though I don’t hear things.

I don’t doubt my illness, there have been times where I felt a little loose and I don’t plan on letting having some stability get away from me and forget that I have to be cautious.

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I’ve never heard voices. Or seen things which is why I’m doubting my diagnosis tbh

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Yeah actually I don’t really doubt my SZA dx so much.
I suffer with visual hallucinations off my meds but honestly I don’t know if I was manic.


I’ve never heard any voices and never hallucinated. I have the paranoid type which makes my heart race sometimes.

Off medication my heart races way more. I had delusions of people on tv trying to kill me and talking about me.
Also mind reading and telepathy thoughts.

I have abused cannabis all my life but I’m not sure if cannabis contributed to my paranoid emotions.

Plus I go way over emotional and think too much as my mind races.

It would be way too much torture for me to hear voices as well. That would be too much.

So no, I don’t hear voices but I get paranoid delusions.


Hearing voices definitely is a major symptom and sometimes I’m surprised it’s not enough to split schizophrenia into two different disorders.


I’ve never heard voices. But I’ve heard of other schizophrenics who don’t hear voices. And I don’t doubt my diagnosis or theirs. I was crazy as hell for 2 1/2 years and extremely paranoid and delusional. I spent 8 months in a psychiatric hospital. I trust my diagnosis (even though that sounds odd).


Thanks @Green @agent101g and @77nick77

I never heard voice but have strong visual hallucinations after say all episodes.

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