Recently Diagnosed and Lonely, Wondering if this is a disability


Hi, my name is Kaylyn. I was recently diagnosed, have an electrical engineering degree but have basically lost everything and had to move home (Central IL) from Boulder, CO. I’m so lonely and sad because I feel like the hearing voices may never get better and have nothing to do all day long. I’m sleeping a lot because there isn’t much to do here/have no one to hang out with and because I don’t hear voices while sleeping…


Hi Kaylyn! Just wanted to let you know that using your full name as a username is very unwise, and also at odds with our guidelines. I would strongly recommend that you change your username. If you want me to change it for you, just tell me what you would like to be called. Also, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay.

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The ppl on this forum are very supportive.


Cool, you’re an electrical engineer.


Are you Hispanic or Italian? ( Del la terra). My daughter is Hispanic (half)


Click your name to open your profile, then click preferences, then the pencil next to your username.

When you’ve posted a few posts, you can’t change it anymore and will have to ask a mod to change it for you.


Ya, I would make your/her profile/biography more anonymous. I mean it’s the internet and stuff…


Ppl on Facebook publish their life stories. But on this forum it’s more anonymous


Hi Kaylyn welcome to this awesome community :slight_smile:


First off, I guess I’m just not that paranoid about people knowing about me / who I am. And I want schizophrenia to be less stigmatized.


Yeah I guess I am but don’t feel like it lately (an electrical engineer).

If it’s really a problem I will adjust my profile. But damn I mean my IG is public, as is my FB, so that’s why I’m not really worried about it.


Also yeah I am Sicilian.


Also I appreciate the welcoming from everyone. And I just made some changes to my profile which was made difficult by the voices. I would really love to DM someone with schizophrenia and find out how their experiences/ symptoms compare to mine… I just want to know but I think my case is probably more acute at times. It’s hard…


It is completely up to you. But bear in mind that people who know your name may then easily find your posts and your profile here. If you do decide to change it down the road, just contact a moderator and we will do it for you.


Thank you for letting me know. I made some adjustments so the only thing in common now is well never mind lol


Welcome! 151515


Only after one, or two weeks you can message someone here when you will become a full member, just keep posting :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum
I love Sicilia :joy_cat:


@Crocodal Lol what do you mean?


Thanks for letting me know. Also. I love your name.