Recent purchases?

Can I say that kinda makes me sick?

nothing. it’s Christmastime, and I don’t spend on myself.

I bought myself Aveda shampoo and conditioner from Adore Beauty

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Eco earth substrate for my frog

Bought new water and food bowls too for the animals. The red bowl in the picture has been replaced


I just remembered. I bought a belt last week for $35.00. My old belt broke and I had to be to work so I went to the closest place I knew of to buy a belt. I literally walked in the store holding my pants up, if I had let go they would have fallen down.

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A shellholder. But what are you going to do with the rock salt @DearZombie shoot somebody in the butt with your shotgun? Can anyone say ridiculous??

Rock salt for deicing shoveled steps/sidewalks and driveway?

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I just bought the latest two computer games by Soldak entertainment. They are best known for their Diablo clone game, “Din’s Curse.” I like their early stuff and want to support them, they only charge 19.99 for their full games and 9.99 for an expansion, each game usually gets one expansion. I treated myself to the games Din’s Legacy and Zombasite. I’m a little regretful because the character models and classes in Zombasite are just copy-pasted from Din’s Curse… they are the same exact classes.

Din’s Legacy is supposed to be like Din’s Curse except your character will mutate every now and then and his abilities will change in an interesting way. I haven’t played it yet but probably will in the next few days.

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A picked up a couple of games. Arma 3 for cheap. Not really into first person shooters but it looks interesting enough to have a go. I also picked up Sudden Strike 4. Simple little rts wargame for cheap with a cheap expansion pack. Bit of easy game play and visually ok for a bit of fun.

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I bought some Christmas decorations yesterday for our house.

I bought a pair of jeans and shorts from the. Second hand shop and a jumper.

Treated myself to a box of charamel fudge the other day. I love those things!

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Bought a Vype ePen 3 with 6 caps. With it there are two caps so eight caps in total. Doesn’t do the job. Five minutes ago I have gone to buy 120 g of tobacco. First cigarettes feels better than the whole day of the Vype.

Just bought 14 Christmas cards. I have 7 friends to whom I sent Christmas cards every year since 2013. So 14 for two years.


Two tins of Quality street choccys - one for me, one for the chemist for xmas. And a large piece of sirlion steak for me dinner. Got tempted to buy baccy - but im gonna try to stick to the vape. Nothing special. Amazons taunting me with offers at the moment - but im resisting.

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I’m only shooting down ice.

LS! I am waiting for the postman to bring an 249 euro aircleaner. I hope it helps, I cough a lot and there is a lot of air pollution in Amsterdam West.

A new skirt. And something black to wear on top. I never buy such expensive clothes, normally. :-o

How to make it into a picture?

I just bought an area rug for my living room. also im going to buy some blue indoor string lights that im going to put up to make my place more festive. :partying_face:

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Sounds delightful, hon.

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