Reality is the opposite of the bible

It’s all backwards in this particular book.

Satanic beings made the earth and they made it for killing and wars and stuff like that.

They made it and were in charge the entire time.

You can take virtually everything in this book and flip it upside down and know the truth of the matter.

Weird right.

I was out in front of a store the other day and they be all like “Yeah, if you had the real books man, you nose would start bleeding and you’d just kill yourself, thats the real books. We’re not lying, it’s the truth, if you had those you’d just end your own life from the sheer horror of the situation you are in right now. Some have these books but believe me they ain’t exactly reading them very often if you catch my drift.”

I guess if you don’t want your kids ending their own lives when their tiny hearts are smashed to pieces you’d just plug them with the opposites their entire child hoods. If that is the case then why ■■■■■■■ have kids in the first place though?

Oh well, ima get back to it now. Im trying to let my own heart devour my body until im you know, “asleep.”

Here is some advice. Don’t ever seek the truths of the matters of earth. And if you ever find them you will die. You can’t know them and still live.

“God is hate.”

sounds like you have a lot of hate in you, why you hating so much?

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nice piece from Tim reynolds .

If life gives you melons you’re probably dyslexic.


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Voices are saying that having kids is basically casino odds.

Just about everyone loses all of the time.

It’s love. Thats why i hate this place, love.

Love is almost entirely anti earth. On account of the horrible sufferings that is.

It’s like a river of tears and screams down here.

It was also made by entities of a sauronic nature. Yeah, the earth is a creation by conscious beings that a combination of sauron, hitler, jeffrey dahmer, and the joker from batman. If you love evil ■■■■ then earth is definantely for you.

Oh, another guy just hung himself, oh well.

Tim never gets old in my ears.

Loved his music since the first time i heard it.

He’s one of those guys that can do anything he wants to on a guitar, if it’s music he can play it.

And the opposite of politics too.

ENOUGH, Pans. Getting close to an acct suspension. Think about something other than the population, already.