So this is it then?

That is a belief like any other to be honest.

That this is all there is for us and then thats it, eternal slumber.

But i like hypotheticals, it gets to the heart of people and what they do and why.

Some believe wholeheartedly that this is all that there is for us.

So i say okay then, why are you reproducing exponentially then? Is that what you want for you children? Eighty horrendous years if they are lucky and then a shitty death?

I saw one woman on a news station after having her entire family almost killed by tornadoes, her house was demolished as well. News guy says something about god or something and she proudly held her almost killed child in her proud arms and said “i don’t believe in god!”

Does she understand how horrendous of a person she is for saying that? Look at your world for fook sakes! Your kid was almost killed, maimed, ripped apart, crushed, by a natural disaster!

She stated with proud certainty that her children were doomed to die and never be heard from again and acted like a proud little monkey saying that ■■■■!

So who cares what you believe or don’t believe, who cares! Why is your kid almost getting crushed and maimed by a tornado though?! You just had to have one right? Thought it might be fun or something?

Woman had a kid knowing full well that they were going to die and believes that that is it for them and still did it! Wow! cruel and cold, freezing actually, arctic in that heart of hers isn’t it.

The believers though, they are the worst. They know full well their children are going to get fooked in life and then are just fine with their children “choosing” hell for themselves. If i believed my kid might end up being tortured forever id hold off and think about it for a second you know.

Either way we’re all just basstards really. Fully willing for our children to suffer and die no matter the belief. You’d almost think it’d be best to only do that on a need to basis but then again im no genius or anything.

The i don’t believe in anything people though, they are freaky when it comes to giving birth to new completely fooked people who just die and then remain that way forever and ever you know. Really really freaky people they are when it comes to that.

Cold down here. So cold down here. Ice cold. Chilling.