Read that Alkaline water

Read that Alkaline water helps with stress. Anyone else drinking AW?

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@naturallycured has been posting about it quite a bit.

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It’s just snake oil. Do some Google searches before buying stuff.


Glad to see some sense about this being posted. PH is tightly regulated by the body and a small change will kill you. Changing the PH of your stomach contents does not change the PH of your cells or intracellular fluid, which is a good thing.
But on the other hand, it seems to have a strong placebo effect and is probably harmless (except for the wasting money bit). So who am I to judge?

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@unbe were you on this site before with a different alias?

No. Just joined a few days ago.

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What makes you think that?

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Just a wild guess, no reason.

Ok so I’m wrong. :weary:

It’s not the alkalinity of alkaline water that helps us, in fact it probably hurts digestion. It’s the low ORP (oxygen reduction potential) rating of it that reduces oxidative stress.

I need neutral pH water since good digestion is important for arthritis, so I switched to Hydrogen infused water, since it can have an even lower ORP without changing pH too much.

Tilting blood pH towards alkaline is important, since putting it toward the upper range of 7.45 is correlated with better mental health, but I prefer to do that with minerals. My go-to alkaline mineral for the moment is potassium citrate, which makes blood more alkaline without affecting digestion, since it is acidic in its unmetabolized form.

My experience with hydrogen water has been good so far, but it’s only been 3 days. Also, I’m preparing an ORP meter to measure its ORP, to make sure it really is effective. Anything below -600 ORP I feel is better than what I was getting with the alkaline water.

There’s a study that hydrogen infused water can lower TBARS by 43%, which is huge! That is the biomarker for inflammation.

I had a read of that study, and there is no control group so it is hard to draw a conclusion.
If it is the antioxidant effect you are after then this is a complex topic. High dose antioxidant’s have been shown to cause cancer. Basically T-Cells use oxidative stress to kill cancer cells. Too much antioxidants and this mechanism fails.
Here’s a link to a paper that briefly describes some of the pros and cons of antioxidants. It recommends not taking supplements.

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Please search in the page for “Hydrogen Gas suppresses tumor growth”.

Seems to be anti-cancerous too.


Interesting paper, thanks.
It reads that most of the findings have been on reducing the side effects of chemo/radio therapy.
As for the ‘suppresses tumor growth’ bit, it’s very early days, the literature cited is mainly in vitro using mouse cell lines, and the one in vivo study was also in mice. But it’s important to note that the effect was to suppress tumor growth, not stop tumor formation. In all the examples the cancer was already induced and then they looked to see if hydrogen could slow down tumor growth.
Antioxidants interact with apoptosis, which can both stop early cancer cells from being killed, (by blocking the immune systems mechanism for killing them) and paradoxically slow down existing tumor growth.
Physiology is incredibly complex and we have not yet scratched the surface. Everyone has their own risk tolerance, for myself I like to wait to see the safety data.


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