Has anyone here tried alkaline water?

There are reams of testimonials about how it can improve health in so many ways, like curing chronic fatigue, reducing cancer markers like PSA levels, reducing cholesterol counts, increasing bone density (since the body isn’t pulling calcium out of the bones to alkalize the blood as much), and generally accelerating healing.

I’m wondering how beneficial this can be for schizophrenia. I bought a water alkalizing machine for $200 CDN and am going to try it, maybe reporting every week on changes. I’m also going on an alkaline diet, so that will be the general theme.


Also interested if there’s people here doing alkaline water and if it has affected their schizophrenia.

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Interesting. Let us know if you feel health benefits.

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There’s also something called black water. Hav u tried it. I think its alkaline

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If anything you’ll be drinking more water and that’s always healthy.

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I used to buy alkaline water from a machine.

I bought a ten litre bottle and filled it up whenever needed.

It used to cost around 10-15$.

My father bought a alkaliser he has at home and attaches to his tap but he lives interstate.

If they had alkaline water in my area I would buy it but I can’t afford one of those you have.yet.:slightly_smiling_face:

I think it was a good buy.

You can also compliment it by eating alkaline foods.

Coffee is apparently the opposite and I drink heaps so I’m a bit bad.


This may be a stupid question but can you get it in like a mineral supplement capsule or something like that.

Never mind I googled and you can. Seems like a cheaper way to try it out.

Yeah, there are alkaline drops, but IMO alkaline water plus drops is optimal.

Last time I stopped drinking the water after a few days because I expected instant results, but I started again some months later after doing research on general health recovery, and finding that tilting the blood towards alkaline (between 7.36 and 7.45) encourages the healing of all kinds of health issues.

I am finishing up my first week of 2-4 litres of 9.5-10.5 pH alkaline water plus 12-18 drops alkaline drops (of alkazone brand) a day, and just started adding a scoop of a green vegetable powder to my drink 2 times a day. I am also avoiding dairy and limiting wheat intake, and eating more foods high on the alkaline food list like boiled veggies ( fav dish is broccoli, Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes, with zero added fat) and avoiding acidic foods like meat and soda (soda is especially bad, but I can get away with eating meat here and there.)

There’s a PDF of a PRAL chart here. It is a list of many common foods organized by how alkaline and acidic they are (negative is more alkaline )

My head pain is going away! My head pressure is going back to the old levels where my brain felt comfortable again, not like it’s trying to jump out of my skull all the time. I am actually looking forward to going out now. Maybe in a few more days.

My voices were already very low, but it’s getting very hard to engage with the voices now. I credit antipsychotics and Amyloban 3399 largely for that.

My joint pain is diminishing, to where I can walk up and down stairs without needing to do half-steps.

My shoulder pain is going down big-time. I can sleep more on my side now.

Hand tendonitis is reducing (could be due to vitamin B6 supplementation and hand exercises too.)

All in all, alkaline water and diet seem like a win!

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Wow that’s pretty impressive. All I had to do was mention Alkaline was helpful with sz to my mom while we were texting today and of course she ordered me some drops and I should get them on Friday. I stopped drinking caffeine and cut out most dairy from my diet…cheese is the hardest one. I’m up for trying anything natural even if it helps just a little. Thanks for the info.


Alkaline water also helps with cholesterol.
My goal is to get hdl from 48 to 60 and ldl from 155 to under 100

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This shows the effect that “Kangen” (9.5 pH) water has on the blood.

Video is 12:41 though, so get cozy.

I have alkaline water at my house. I have less whole body inflammation but haven’t noticed any other effects

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This hints at low, acidic pH being part of the cause of schizophrenia, and mental illness in general.

My symptomatic progress after a month of 3-4 litres a day of 9.5 pH alkaline water, 12-18 alkaline drops, and potassium citrate supplementation, is really good. My voices are almost dead silent, and every day there’s a new level of sanity being restored. I can listen to background noises without feeling they relate to me anymore now.

I stopped Amyloban 3399 as well, since it doesn’t seem to have cumulative benefits, so I don’t need it, since I’m interested in a cure, not a bandaid solution. I still vouch for it for people who are having bad symptoms. It’s kind of a crutch though, IMO.

My diet has been pretty bad too, as of late. Corner store hotdogs and taquitos. I want to see how bad my diet can get before I flareup again. But it’s getting old. As long as I stay away from sodas (pH 2.4), I’m fine.

My chronic headache is at maybe a 2 1/2 now. Totally bearable. Used to be a 9 / 10 at its worst. Was a 6 when I started the alkaline business.

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I went back on Amyloban and 3 mg Paliperidone / 1 mg Haldol shortly after the last post.

My headache today is at a 1 and 1/2, and my voices are at a 0.2. Silence sounds like silence, unless I try really hard to make out words.

A few more days and my headache will be effectively zero. It’s low enough now that I don’t feel like I should complain anymore, but it’s still kind of blocking my positive emotions.

It’s not an ache anymore, but a persistent inflamed pressure in the back-middle of my brain.