Does anyone here regularly drink alkaline water for their SZ symptoms?

This is water with a pH over 8, it’s supposed to have tremendous health benefits. I’m wondering if it can reduce SZ symptoms, particularly.

Here is an article from Scientific American about how a low (acidic) brain pH could be the cause of mental illness. The solution might be as simple as adopting an alkaline diet, and drinking alkaline water.

There’s also a Victoria Everett, whose schizophrenia went into remission after adopting a healthy, alkaline, raw plant food heavy diet.

I’m going to buy a second-hand water ionizer and test the alkaline theory on myself.

Interesting: “Multiple studies in the past few decades have found that when people with panic disorder are exposed to air with a higher than normal concentration of carbon dioxide—which can combine with water in the body to form carbonic acid—they are more likely to experience panic attacks than healthy individuals are.”

I think I remember something about oxygen therapy helping sz, if that is true, maybe this is the mechanism.

I’m not sure dietary changes will change brain acidity - but I don’t know that they won’t, either. I think you can make your own with baking soda though.

I’ve been using baking soda to make alkaline water to take with my niacin, but it has high sodium. I still feel pretty relieved after taking it though.

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