Read a Book. The Last Wish. Witcher series!

So there I am.

Dumb. Got some credit for recycling some aluminium cans and plastic bottles which with 5 big bags come back as $25 paypal balance. Just finished reading the first in the witcher series. Love the games and have all 3 although played 3 the most.

Finished the first one already. It was really good. It’s a little different in being short stories but it’s well written and I like the style for a fantasy novel. It doesn’t hold your hand like a Raymond E Feist novel like Magician.

Still. I didn’t order the next book, a novel, till yesterday and with the weekend it’ll take a week to get to me! I am kicking myself for not just pulling the trigger earlier when I got the credit. I am getting weak whilst Charlie in the Jungle is getting stronger.

10 cents a can people. If you like reading fantasy check out the witcher. It’s a polish author and it’s good in translation. 10 cents a can!


I loved wild hunt. I should give the books a read.

Witcher TV show comes out this fall on Netflix.


i started reading a starcraft novel about a week or two ago. i use to play the game when i was in middle school a lot. so far i think im on chapter 6 and its a pretty good book so far. with in the past couple years i have read a couple star wars books and a western book.

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Im going t o see if it is on Kindle Unlimited

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What does this mean?

I loved the “last wish” part of Witcher 3! Read the little in-game book as well.

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I should read the Witcher series, I really like fantasy stuff.

Also the Witcher 3 is such a good game. One of my favorites. Seriously cannot wait for Cyberpunk 2077 its gonna be the greatest of all time

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I completed the Witcher 3. It’s my favourite video game. I will be watching the TV show that comes out this year but I don’t know if I could read the books.

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Was trying to be funny. It’s an apocalypse now quote. A little left field for sure!

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