New Book To Read!

So I ordered this novel from the Author of the Witcher series…yes the books inspired the game. Finally after a long wait and a backorder I received it today! I have something to read tonight and look forward to it!

I’ve been rereading Dune. It’s a staple and amazing book but I’m interested with this Witcher series. The first book was good. It has some style about it which is so missing from a lot of fantasy novels!

Tonight the Witcher!


I started reading Dune before and I could not get through it. One of the dullest books I have ever read. :frowning:

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haha fair cop. I’m a fantasy and sci fi person. I hate realism. I get all that at home so I love to read and take in alien landscapes and fantastic stories. It’s an escape from the mundane but we all like different things @anon98459728!


Have you read Three Body Problem?

No. What is it about and is it fiction or non fiction?

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It is fantasy sci fi, that’s why I thought I would mention it. It is made in China and it is like Star Wars over there. His stories are pretty out there. The author just got a film released on Netflix called The Wandering Earth.

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Most cool. I’ll order it in if it’s available on the Book Depository. Sounds intriguing! I’ve this witcher series to get through but am back reading every night. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Good taste man. I love dune. I want to try the Witcher novels too.

Are you a Raymond e feist fan as well?

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Loved Magician all those years ago matey. Better authors. I am a Tolkien fan for sure.

Try the witcher series. They are well written!

I agree. Dune was amazing and still love re reading it!

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