Re-Introduction (sleepoptimistic)

George Washington~ ‘My First Wish to See This Plague of Mankind, War, Banished From The Earth’.

So. What Could Be Mine is Mine. What Could Be Yours is Yours. The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side. Jealousy. Bitterness. The Beating of Chests to Impress, The Damsel’s in Distress. The Most Popular Girl or Boy on Your Street. Who Do They Think of at Night Before Their Dreams?. Is it You?. Is it Me?. Put Down Your Guns And Knives, And Instead, Impress The Trees. Follow Along And Count The Flowers, With The Birds And Bees. Peace Waits in That Garden. No More Bloodlust And Envy. Or Bloodletting.

John Adams~ ‘Facts Are Stubborn Things; And Whatever May Be Our Wishes, Our Inclinations, or The Dictates of Our Passions, They Can Not Alter The State of Facts And Evidence’.

So. Facts. What is a Fact?. What is a Witness?. What is Truth?. And What is a Lie?. 99 to 1. The Large Group Conforms to a Bloody Group of Chaotic Venomous Toxic Souls. And 1 Remains Unwilling to Participate. The 99 Would Point Crooked Fingers at The 1. And Scream That He/She Must Suffer The Consequences. Fact is, The 99, No Matter How Large The Number, is Incorrect. And Dangerous.

Thomas Jefferson~ ‘I Never Considered a Difference of Opinion in Politics, in Religion, in Philosophy, As a Cause For Withdrawing From a Friend’.

So. We Are All Human Beings. Each One With Admirable Positive Aspirations And Dreams. In The End We Wish And Work For a Safe Place to Rest Our Bones. You May Be a Believer in God. You May Be Athiest. You May Be Agnostic. In The End When Your Children And Your Friend’s Children Are in School, You Pray For Them to Make it Back Home Safetly. Same Goes With Politics And Philosophy. It All, in The End, Ties Parallel Together. Somehow. Someway. And If You Find Yourself in a Heated Debate About Some Serious Subject. Know That Both Parties May Learn Something Very Valuable During That Argument. About Yourself. And Your Friend And or Friends.

James Madison~ ‘Knowledge Will Forever Govern Ignorance; And a People Who Mean to Be Their Own Govenors Must Arm Themselves With The Power Which Knowledge Gives’.

So. The Wise Man Warned You to Not Go to The Park At 3:00 a.m. But You Don’t Care Much For Advice. And it Ended Horribly, After You Wandered Through The Park Alone at The Same Hour You Were Warned About. Education Can Be That Wise Old Man. The Arts. Music. Movies. Paintings. And Every Subject That Falls Under The Umbrella of Public And Private Schools. If One is Willing to Look Beyond The Horizon. And Ignore The Meaningless Distractions That Has The Ability to Destroy Even The Sharpest Tools in The Shed. One May Find Their True Calling. Be it a Fulflling Career in The Workforce. Or in The Arts in Some Sparkling Way. A Bit of Patience. Some Serious Focus. And a Dream That Won’t Leave You Alone. And One Day, It Will Rain Independance.

John Quincy Adams~ ‘In Order to Preserve The Dominion of Our Own Passions, it Behooves us to Be Constantly And Strictly on Our Guard Against The Influence And Infection of The Passions of Others’.

So. Inspiration. A Beautiful Flower Inside of Our Hearts. From Another Heart to Our Collective Unity of Hearts. To Be On Guard Within a Disagreement Upon Reasoning From Each And Every Different Artist (Musicians Perspective) is One Thing. But to Close Off From Inspiration as a Being on a Watchtower Looking For Justified Reasons to Shut The Universe Out is Another. One Can Learn From Anything That Bounces off of The Line Around Your Flesh Heart And Soul. 24/7 on Lookout in Slight Humor And Understanding isn’t Work For Those Who Thrive on What is Held Onto Passionately. It’s Jus a Very Long, Strange Vacation.

Andrew Jackson~ ‘As Long As Our Government is Administered For The Good of The People, And is Regulated by Their Will; As Long as it Secures to Us The Rights of Persons And of Property, Liberty of Conscience And of The Press, it Will Be Worth Defending’.

So. Which Leads to Individuals Never Satisfied With Their Footsteps, And What it Truly Means Upon The Shore of America’s Tides of Freedom. It Can Be Stated Simply, If You Do Not Approve of What Thus Country Has to Offer, Then Leave. It’s as Simple as That. No One is Making You Stay. Not to Mention, There is Many Who Would Sacrifice Almost Everything in Order to Take Your Place.

Martin Van Buren~ ‘The People Under Our System, Like The King in a Monarchy, Never Dies’.

So. A New Day. A New Sunrise. Where The Dreams, if We Give it Our All, Never Die.

William Henry Harrison~ ‘I Contend That The Strongest of All Governments is That Which is Most Free’.

So. Freedom. Chains, Psychological, Physical. It Can Be Said, if One Makes a Mistake, One Must Pay The Consequences. But Much Can Be Learned From Such. Step 1, Never Make The Same Mistake Twice. Step 2, Teach What You Know. Step 3, Spark a Flame. Step 4, Begin Your Journey.

James K. Polk~ ‘One Great Object of The Constitution Was to Restrain Majorities From Oppressing Minorities or Encroaching Upon Their Just Rights’.

So. Freedom And Chains. Psychological. Physical. Dreams And Nightmares. Ask Yourself, Look Around And Ask Yourself, Could it Get Better?. Could it Get Worse?. Where Would You Rather Be?. Too Soon?. Too Late?. Is There Love And Hope And Peace Still in Your Heart?. Perhaps if You Are Still Unsure, Grab a Notebook And Pen. And Make a List of What You Would Love to Have And Be Apart of. And Ask, Did America Make it All Possible.

Zachary Taylor~ ‘I Have Always Done My Duty. I Am Ready to Die. My Only Regret is For The Friends I Leave Behind Me’.

So. A Heart Made of a Fortress of Iron. Willing to Be The First to Step Out of The Cave With a Spear, Ready to Sacrifice in Order to Protect The Children Still Learning in The Caves. And The Children Win. And The Children Lose. Somewhere in Between, Lives a Stone Etching of Secret Ways to Last With Peace. If The Enemies Banish The Rules of Peace. The Government Will Exercise it’s Rights to Protect The Children.

Franklin Pierce~ ‘Frequently The More Trifling The Subject, The More Animated And Protracted The Discussion’.

So. Chaotic Complications Upon The Shattered Mirror of Internal/External Troubles, Wants, Wishes, Desires, And Needs. Where There is No Earthly Nurse to Bring The Chaos Back to Health. It Becomes Odd And Strange to Try And Make it All Make Sense. The Heart May Protect From The Poison. But it Also May Laugh at The Reasons it Needs to.

James Buchanan~ ‘The Ballot Box is The Purest Arbiter of Disputes Among Free Men’.

So. The World isn’t Feeling Correct. No More Room to Grow. No More Doors to Choose. Perhaps You Have Been Forgotten About or Lost Along, And Amidst The Masses. Well, Here in America Your Voice Matters. Find a Pathe That Resonates With Your Soul And VOTE (!!!).

Abraham Lincoln~ ‘Character is Like a Tree And Reputation Like a Shadow. The Shadow is What We Think of it; The Tree is The Real Thing’.

So. Life. Living. Dreams. Love. Hope. And Peace. A Spiral up Into The Heavens. We Cannot See it. We Cannot Hear it. We Cannot Sense it in Anyway. That is Until We Speak to Our Brothers And Sisters. And Ourselves. With Solid, Beautiful Truth.

Ulysses S. Grant~ ‘In Every Battle There Comes a Time When Both Sides Consider Themselves Beaten, Then He Who Continues The Attack Wins’.

So. War in The Peaceful Garden of Gods Dreams. Play Dead. For it is ALL in Gods Hands.

Rutherford Birchard Hayes~ ‘Conscience is The Authentic Voice of God to You’.

So. Find Your Place in The Magical Fairytale of The Potion For Hello, Goodbye, And Back to Hello Again. Swimming Under The Ocean We Sleep Deeply Within. Standing On The Moon Without Centered Gravity. Walking Fearlessly Forward to Catch The Butterfly’s.

James A. Garfield~ ‘A Brave Man is a Man Who Dares to Look The Devil in The Face And Tell Him He is a Devil’.

So. Lucifer. Satan. Mephistopheles. 666. A Friend to All Those Left Alone in Thus Era And Space of Chaos And Confusion. There’s No Need For Blame. He is a Janitor. He Cleans Up The Mess We All Made. Probably in All Reality The Greatest Babysitter One Can Find. His Pathe is Wide. Not Many Make it to The Door at The End. And Even Then, One Will Not Know if it’s a Release or a Trap. Afterall His Kingdom is a Kingdom of Lies.

Chester A. Arthur~ ‘The Extravagant Expenditure of Public Money is an Evil Not to Be Measured by The Value of That Money to The People Who Are Taxed For it’.

So. Money. Printing. Codes. Plastic Cards. And Plastic Shopping Bags to Carry The Groceries Home. A Home Bought With The Same Money That it Bought The Food For. You Work You Earned it. Sometimes Very Little. Sometimes More Than Enough. And With The Freedom to use it in Almost Any Way. Taxes Are a Mark. A Thanks For All it Brought to The Table. Each And Every Day. What’s The Next Step?. Motivation And Inspiration. Belief in Your Dreams. And The Courage to Step Out into The Light. And With a Little Bit of Help From The Paper And Cards With Some Advanced Education. You Too Can Make Your Own Mark. In The Lands of America.

Grover Cleveland~ ‘A Government For The People Must Depend For it’s Success on The Intelligence, The Morality, The Justice, And The Interest of The People Themselves’.

So. In God We Trust. It’s in God’s Hands. God is in The Details. And Faith. The Government Cannot Babysit Each And Every American. But With The Right Education. Pure Commonsense. And Court Systems With The Best Hope And Knowledge to Spend Objectivity Alongside The Love They Have For Even Their Own Families. The Government Will Remain on The Right Track to Win Understanding From Even The Sharpest Blade of Anger And Frustration From The Ones Hurting.

Benjamin Harrison~ ‘The Bud of Victory is Always in The Truth’.

So. The Rose of Enlightenment. It Holds The Breath of Our Future. Deep in The Endless Eyes of The Universe. To Hold Tight to The Love You Own. Even if You Haven’t Found it’s Treasure of Discovery Yet. Truth Will Speak it to You When You Are at a Loss For Words’.

William McKinley~ ‘In The Time of Darkest Defeat, Victory May Be Nearest’.

So. You Lost The Battle. Your Face Buried in Your Palms. On Your Knees to The Furthest Corner of Your Room. Not Only Did You Fail. But You Failed Amongst Witnesses. Adding Insult to Injury. Salt in The Wounds. But!, Your Battle, In All Actuality, Has Jus Begun. So. Gather Your Courage. No Time to Save Face. No Time to Second Guess. Follow Your Instincts. Your Intuition. And March On. Proceed Forward And Teach What You Know About Losing Something So Important to You. For Victory is On it’s Way.

Theodore Roosevelt~ ‘Keep Your Eyes on The Stars, And Your Feet on The Ground’.

So. Wonder. Daydreaming. Wandering Deep in The Forest of Enlightenment. Counting Each Beautiful Creature You See Along The Pathe of Peace. But!, Did You Bring Anything to Drink?. Anything to Eat?. Is it Going to Be Too Cold?. Too Warm?. Will You Be Able to Find Your Way Back?. The Truth of The Matter is Thus. Find And Unlock The Door to Purity And Freedom For You And Your Shadow. And All of Your Circuits of Energy. But Do Not Forget to Bring Your Commonsense. You May Need it During One of The Crossroads Set Before You.

William H. Taft~ ‘We Are All Imperfect. We Can Not Expect a Perfect Government’.

So. Up Above And Down Below. And All of The Middle Within Purgatorio. It is True, Striving For Perfection is a Great Way to Conduct Yourself Throughout Endless Troubles And Shaky Ground. But!, Perfection Can Call Much Imperfection into The Dimly Lit Halls of Redemption. None to Blame Though. For We All Could Use a Hand Here And or There. Sometimes No Doubt. But With Your Goals High Above The Rooftops. Honest Mistakes Will Have a Net Ready to Nurse Faults Back to Health. Quickly. And Perfectly.

Woodrow Wilson~ ‘The Man Who is Swimming Against The Stream Knows The Strength of it’.

So. The Wild Call of Nature. It Won’t Take Many Steps to See What Nature Can Endure. We Cut Down Trees. Pave Roads And Build Homes For The Suburbs. For The Cities. And Nature Has a Way to Remind Us That They Exist Also And Still. From The Birds Way Up High to The Worms Underground. If You Were Dropped Off to Live a Month in Some Deep Forest Would You Be Nervous About Your Stay There?. Would You Be Excited?. Your Answer Upon Both of Those Question Will Remind You That We Are Not Alone. And if One Peers into The Lives of Insects, One Need Not Look into The Stars to Ease The Curiosity About Alien life.

Warren G. Harding~ ‘I Don’t Know What to Do or Where to Turn in This Taxation Matter. Somewhere There Must Be a Book That Tells All About it, Where I Could Go to Straighten it Out in My Mind. But I Don’t Know Where The Book is, And Maybe I Couldn’t Read it if I Found it’.

So. A Penny a Day Keeps The Kid’s Troubles Away. Like Another Good Morning From The Sky, Watch The Love Rain.

Calvin Coolidge~ ‘No Person Was Ever Honored For What He Recieved. Honor Has Been The Reward For What He Gave’.

So. Christmas. The Smiles. The Hugs. The Kisses. The Gifts. And The Ones With None. Be it Alone Or With Many Friends And Family Members. It is Easy to Lose Sight of Those Who Have Nothing Left After a Life of Deep Confusion. And Work. But Now Finds Themselves With Nothing to Show For it. At Least Nothing Anyone is Interested in. So The Next Time You See a Lost Soul With Nothing. Shake His or Her Hand And Say, ‘THANK YOU’!. Like a Domino, That Gift May Turn into a New Rewarding Sphere of Something to Be Very Proud of. In The End, For Both Parties.

Herbert Hoover~ ‘Freedom is The Open Window Through Which Pours The Sunlight of The Human Spirit And Human Dignity’.

So. The Spirit. The Soul. The Aura. All of The Circuits of Energy That Pushes And Pulls us Upon The Mountain of Success. To Climb. And Climb. Learning From The Falls. And Getting Back up Again. Reaching Higher Than Ever Before.

Harry S. Truman~ ‘It is Amazing What You Can Accomplish if You Do Not Care Who Gets The Credit’.

So. Positivty. A Energetic Magnet Grabbing Lost Souls. If You Write a Book And Your Name isn’t Attached to it, Does it Really Matter?. During That Sort of Pathe, it is Guaranteed, The Sunsets Will Always Be Beautiful. Promise!, Pinkie Swear Even!.

Dwight D. Eisenhower~ ‘This World of Ours… Must Avoid Becoming a Community of Dreadful Fear And Hate, And Be, Instead, A Proud Confederation of Mutual Trust And Respect’.

So. Human Understandings And Misunderstandings. Parallel Mazes of Confusion And Questions. Why Am I Thus?. Why Are You That?. Why Were You Born Here?. Why Was I Born There?. The Rainbow Has Many Colours. And With Our Hands And Tools We Can Mix Them Up to Create New Colours. It’s Neverending Within Each Different Level of Shades a Brush of Thought Can Bring. We All Own Commonsense. Some of Us More Stubborn Than Others. Some of Us Easy to Get Along With. But Love is Love. And it Always Feels Good. And Losing it Can Sometimes Really Hurt. Even The Toughest Among Us Can Admit That. That Much We Can All Agree With. Trust is a Demon. We Either Have That in Our Safe Bubble. Or Try to Destroy it as Quickly as Possible. Like a Baby, Let’s Keep Stepping Forward. Yes it is True Being a Adult Has it’s Rewards. But It Can Be Said, Many of Us Are Acting Like Horror Movie Babies. So Let Thus Day be The Day You’ve Grown Up. And Became a Great Woman or Man. With a Gracious Understanding of Being Another Peaceful Human Being.

John F. Kennedy~ ‘Change is The Law of Life. And Those Who look Only to The Past or Present Are Certain to Miss The Future’.

So. You Wake Up One Day And Realize You Missed Every Great Opportunity to Make Amazing Progress For Your Mind, Body, And Soul. Once Again at Another Crossroad. Do You Lay Down And Let it Continue to Pass You by?. Or Will You Rise From The Ashes And Set Course For Dreams You Never Thought Would Be Possible?. To Be Achieved. And Felt. Deeply Within?.

Lyndon B. Johnson~ ‘There Are No Problems We Cannot Solve Together, And Very Few That We Can Solve by Ourselves’.

So. Faith in The Lord Above. And Wondering if His Tap Upon Your Skull Will Wake You up Tomorrow. With or Without Dreams, Let us Be Apart of a Hard Hardened Team. A Movie, a Film, a Poem, a Song, And Your Personal Place in Thus Puzzle Called Life. The Light Beyond The Vibrating Beams.

Richard M. Nixon~ ‘Remember, Always Give Your Best. Never Get Discouraged. Never Be Petty. Always Remember, Others May Hate You. But Those Who Hate You Don’t Win Unless You Hate Them. And Then You Destroy Yourself’.

So. To Build. And Build. And Build. And Build. With Your Heart And Soul. All The Notes You Passed in Class. In Secret, Trying to Impress That Amazing Boy or Girl. Now Beyond Education. And All is Going Great Until!. The Dreaded Individual That Wants to Watch You Fall And in Embarrasment Watch You Destroy All of Your Life And Everything You Worked So Hard For. Like a Terrible, Terrible Snake in The Tallest Grass. They Wait For a Mistake. Anything. Anything to Hold Onto. Point is, Who Doesn’t Make Mistakes?. Seriously, Who Hasn’t Made at Least One?.

Jimmy Carter~ ‘Testing Oneself is Best When Done Alone’.

So. Make a Maze. Be it Reading Material. Audio. Visual. Set a Goal to Achieve. For Example, Do Not Allow Yourself Anything to Drink Until You Succeed on a Mission You Present to Yourself. Perhaps Listen to a Full Album And After Your First Listen , Write a Poem. Or Even Several. And if Those Poems Create Inspiration to Continue Listening or Writing. Consider That a Goal Achieved. A Birth of Sorts. Small, But Very Important Sense of Creativity. And Maybe Even Show Someone What You Made And Get Feedback For Improvement. And Yes, Maybe Even a Compliment. Now Get a Drink!. Ugh!.

Ronald Reagan~ ‘While I Take Inspiration From The Past, Like Most Americans, I Live For The Future’.

So. It Has Been Said, Live in The Moment. Drop The Past And Forget Plans For The Future. But We Live For a Better, Brighter Tomorrow. And Some of us Make Plans. Some of us Try Not to. Either or, it Can Be Said We All Have Dreams. And Our Doors Always Welcome us to Speak With The Sky. Another Day. Once Again, to Give it Our Best.

George H.W. Bush~ ‘We Are a Nation of Communities… A Brilliant Diversity Spread Like Stars, Like a Thousand Points of Light in a Broad And Peaceful Sky’.

So. During Our Birth, The Bright Lights Attached to Our Flesh. We Felt The Touch of Our Parents. Our Family. And Now Here We All Are. Give And Take. Take And Give. Spinning Slowly But Surely. Down, Down, Down. And Up, Up, Up. Reflections, Memories And Whispers From The Wind. One Day, it Will All Make Sense.

William J. Clinton (Bill Clinton)~ ‘Character is a Journey, Not a Destination’.

So. From Point A., To Point B. The Wide Pathe?. The Narrow Halls?. With Candles? With a Compass?. With Eyes on The Clock?. To Get to Point B, Happily. Enjoy Your Inner Voice. No Need to Prove Yourself Every Second of Every Minute of Everyday. When You Make it There, Look Back And Search For The Beauty Instead of The Pain. Do You Really Want Sympathy?. Or Would You Like to be Treated as an Equal Jus Like Anybody Else?. With Marks And Scars. Be it Emotional or Physical. A Journey to Be Proud of in The End. Be That Triumphant Human Being Jus Getting Out of The Storm. Even as The Storm Continues. You Won’t Feel Like it’s Even There. Invincible And Ready. Waiting For Whatever Comes Your Way.

George W. Bush~ ‘I Have a Different Vision of Leadership. A Leadership is Someone Who Brings People Together’.

So. Blessed Are The Peacemakers. The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. Thou Shalt Not Tempt The Lord Thy God. Said by Jesus Christ (The Messiah).

Barack Obama~ ‘My Fellow Americans, We Are And Always Will Be a Nation of Immigrants. We Were Strangers Once, Too’.

So. It Has Once Been Said, From One Child to The Other, Wondering About Martin Luther King Jr. ‘If it Wasn’t For Him We Wouldn’t Be Friends’.

Donald Trump~ ‘Sometimes by Losing a Battle You Find a New Way to Win The War’.

So. Winning And Losing Upon God’s Scorecard. Mistakes And Redemption. It Takes Time to Understand Sometimes. But When That Time Arrives. You Will Find That Being Perfect is Impossible. But!, As Our Days Continue Through Chaos And Peace, Much Will Be Learned. About Ourselves And Each Other. If Someone or Something is Losing The Spiritual War to Save Their Own Soul. Without The Eyes of Judgement, Lend a Hand. Stay Safe!. And Be!.

Thats a whole lot of quotes to go through how have you been and again welcome to the forum

Tip: capitalising every word makes the sentence harder to read.

Anyways, how are you?

I’m Doing Great!.,

Thanx 4 Asking…,

How Has Life Been Treating Yuu (???)… . … :slight_smile:

I’m doing well, I got a job in Greece :slight_smile:

Sounds Festive!..,

Hope it All Works Out 4 Ya (!!!)… . … :upside_down_face:

If Anyone Has Enjoyed My Narration Upon Presidential Spoken Feel Free to Let Me Know if There is Anything I Need to Work On (!!!)…,


I Was Thinking About Changing My Name to,


Any Thoughts, Ladies And Germs (???)… . …

And After Some More Calming Time Alone Meditating…,

As I Was Wandering in The Mystic Cave…,

Peering Through The Candlelight And Examining My Inner Core…,

I Was Thinking About Trees…,

Jus One, In The Center of a Slightly Large Pond…,

And The Word (number), In Word Form, ‘Three’ Arrived…,

Tree | Three | Tree | Three


But What Does it Mean (???)… . …

N e Hoo.

Still Patiently Waiting For Some Positive And or Negative Feedback on The Presidential Spoken Theory…,

No Rush Though, Cause The Main Forum Might Still Be Asleep…,

I Tried to Relax And Watch Some Television, But, I Have to Admit, i Find Television to Be Boring These Daise…,

But!, As I Was Kinda Laughing at Some of The Commercials, I Seen an Advertisement For KFC…,

And a Song by RADIOHEAD, Hopped Along in My Brain…,


Back in My Olden Daise, That Track Was The Highlight of My Life Every Single Time it Would Play…,

But The Correlation With That Song And Fast Food is Thus,

‘Cracked Eggs **** Birds Scream as They Fight For Life’. (explicit nature breaking).

So. If You Are Interested in a Slightly Depressing And Heartwarming Song Feel Free to Check it Out…,

But it May Tug On Your Heart Strings…,

But!, Gotta Admit, If You Are Going Through Any Type of Serious Depression…,

With No Sense of Positive Escape,

Maybe RADIOHEAD is For You…,

I Swear by Those Guys…,

O.k. I’m Wandering,

Jus Strange That, in The Technological Age We All Seem to Be in These Daise, As a Slightly Advanced Form of Culture…,

We Still Hurt Innocent Animals…,

O.k. My Bad, Jus Keeping The Flow of Eternal Peace Alive (!!!)…,

Trying to, Kinda, Anyways…,

Keeps it Cools!, Dear Readers… . …

hullo. i read your stuff. i used to enjoy writing too but not anymore

That’s Too Badd Yo…,

Never Give Up On Yrself (!!!)… . …

thanks. the work i have done - mainly poetry i’ll submit to competition and see if i can get some $$ for it

Good Luck (!!!)… . …

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So. Hello Again Forum of Connectivity (!!!)…,

I Fell Asleep, (can’t remember when),

Woke Up, (no dreams),

Talked to an Olde Friend, (she’s gorgeous),

And Came Back Here to Make Some Sense (still confused),

N e Hoo…,

I Hate to Say it, (don’t want to sound like a broken record),

But I’m Gonna Step Outside And Get My First Ghost of Trees, (cigarette),

And Try to Reset!..,

If You Have Any Personal Thoughts on My Presidential Spoken Theory Feel Free (!!!)…,

If Not,


That is Cool Too…,


Not That Much into Forcing Anyone to Do Anything They Don’t Want to Do…,

I’ll Be Around For a While Spirits of Nature Kids… . …


Jus Got Back From The Closest Gas Station…,

To Pick Up Some Alien Potions, (Soft Drinks)…,

What Makes Them Soft (???)…,

It Was Dark Out There…,

Darker Than Normal…,

Like a Curtain Pulled Over The Night Sky…,

Only One Star Out Up There…,

N e Hoo…,

Keeps it Cools (!!!)… . … :yum:

Quick Advice~ ‘If You Are Able to, Walk, WALK Around The Neighborhood’.

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I Don’t See Many People on The Streets These Days… . …

So. A Joke. A Riddle.

What Came First?,

The Chicken,

Or The Egg (???)…,

If Someone Says,

‘I Jus Drank The Greatest Potion Known to Man, It Makes Me Feel So Great’!,

Now, Do You Want to Taste (???)… . …

Sometimes I think way too much, and honestly it is my vice that I still hold after 22 years of being on this simulation. I wonder why the universe puts people in others life, but I can only imagine is too get a clearer picture of who one truly is. This post inspires me to read the tarot deck my friend, to read the future of an uncertainty.

I lay here in my bed, wondering about life, just general life.

I think the chicken came first