Pondering the Meaning of Life

I’m kind of preaching here and mean no offense with my personal beliefs and unusual take on existence. I think we’ve been lied to. Not by schizophrenia or psychiatry but by ourselves and to maintain a state of submission so that others can achieve some over-rated end means of control and whoever it is or was–had no idea what it all meant either. Why do people even feed into government conspiracies dont they see the conspirators are their creators?

I do not fear myself or anyone else unless I have a reason to and conspiracy theories have a reason: gain public interest for profit or incite civil unrest, wake up the population or expose a secret. Usually the big ones are the hoaxes. Hoaxes always seem to receive more media attention because their comfortable with the lie, it means it didnt happen and no one has to be scared but the vulnerable idiots in the population who bought the tshirt. Screw propaganda, here’s the gritty uncensored thoughts…what I’m thinking about life.

So here is schizophrenia. The problem of us losing our ability to self-actualize. Yes some were victims of trauma, chemical imbalance, domestic abuse, targeting, psychopathy, crime, drugs, and bullies and the list goes on and on–Schizophrenia–any are vulnerable in a sense to society, but should not have to be just for the label itself to continue or meet the criteria of symptoms.

In jails and prisons, schizophrenia isn’t studied but created in the harsh conditions toward many who just fell between the cracks in the system. There is all legitimacy in these findings over time. Psychologists have argued over the existence of schizophrenia since its inception. You come back from war and you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not shell shock. It’s a fancy makeover for the same game of control.

Is this a political label assigned to dissenters as it had been before? The unwanted, eccentric, outcasts. The witches of a new world. No it’s not. It is a biologically inherent existence that we’ve been trained to experience and continue to without interruption and what’s the reason for madness? Is it a moral lesson, a neurological or Genetic defect, an accidental mutated sequence that doesn’t match rhyme with reason? Or are we the ones who have the God Gene? Are we people who have evolved with a gift ones own power to be capable of performing miracles. The ones capable of seeing outside the box–conformed conditioned to accept a prognosis of fatalistic determinism. I mean who really knows?

IE is this schizophrenia or an ability to transcend reality?

Can matter be influenced by the mind? Yes. Can people read your thoughts? Yes. That’s why it’s not a popular assumption. Not like everyone is reading your mind. But people can get there eventually…it doesn’t mean you have to be anything to anyone though, freedom is a natural born right of all people.

Can people be frightened by someone else’s power and capabilities. Yes. Certain.

Can everyone do it. No. Can anyone do it. Yes. But we will not all wake up. We will not all embrace a divided idea. The whole world will never agree on something. There will never be a one true reality. There will never be a pure definition of schizophrenia, neither will there be an accurate portrayal of everyone’s experiences of anything. We can say we all see a blue sky but everyone sees a different shade of the same color. The color itself is not even static, and Earth has so many outside possibilities. Why are people growing hungry for war and conquest?

I can accept humanity’s dire stresses are a solution beyond an individuals means, Our means at the time. Even if we can build a wormhole to the past it wont prevent the fate of mankind beyond those who can alter destiny. You alter destiny not just through altering the effects of your condition, or by creating the causation of a powerful goal, you do it out of love for humanity and you can do it by faith alone. Believe in something.

I used to have memories, I knew were fictional, they were memories of other lives and came to represent many myths and testaments. The Christ story, it’s a testament to humanity’s longing to overcome death and survive, the right to heal and by whole, not to be poor and sick. The Bible has taught everyone what the meaning of life is. But the Koch brothers will quote it to justify our wars of conquest. And they want this 1984, they were prescribed it by their own cruel fate.

Rise about the prescriptions and stop violence stop silence and wake up to the science.

Maybe we’re just some crazy mad mans stories after all?

It’s just weird…either the idiots feed off of our creative disdain or it really is the apocalypse and we have to fight to stop the end of time itself.

Like I said, nuclear war will ruin the universe and throw a planet into the earth…whats the point of a story that will never be read? Think about it, we have been cursed with death for this reason, or maybe we’re just cursed. It’s time for people to do something, and start spreading miracles.

I want to create miracles. Why do I crave this? I always have, I wanted to be a superhero when I was a girl. Im strange. but its true–is there anyone who needs saved? Everyone seems to normal and ok on the surface…we’re all missing him. His love. Why do I miss this. Why do I long for this idealistic God who I thought was the Wind and the Sun? Who I heard like a booming echo from the root of the tree and I saw his face once as my father’s. Who is the sun? Who is God? I am who I am and together we are two, but without the third–the spirit—the echo will eventually be merely an echo and we will be the echos of existence.

In the third cycle of Earth, meaning Earth went through three cycles and we have only documented one. This one was to be the last, this one we needed to solve the riddle. Gods laughing at all of us–because everyones trying to solve the question to the meaning of life—because I asked it too–

stop exploiting America.

Just love and love to be just.