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A Question For You Wondering, Wandering, Seeking, Listening, And Learning. . .

How Do You Make A Stupid Subject More Stupid?.

The Answer?.


Seriously, Think About It. Someone Says, Or Does Something Ignorant. And Is Told Or Discovers That It Is An Incorrect Way To Behave Or Perform Tasks. Yet, That Individual Does It Again. And Again, And Again, And Again, And Again. And You End Up Giving In.

Letting Go. Thinking In The Back Of Your Mind That It May Help Somehow.

And It Only Gets Worse. So You Decide To See If You Can Push Them Closer To Their Goal. And It Once Again, Gets Worse. Making ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.

So, In Conclusion, You Can’t Make Stupid Thing’s Actually More Stupid In Any Sense.

Because It Ended As Soon As It Began.

That Truth Arrived At The Day Of It’s Birth Of Giving Up At The Stage Of Discovery.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :roll_eyes: :sleeping: :roll_eyes:

qp|| What Is A Tree?. What Is Breath?. What Is Life?. What Are Bones?. What Is Tissue?. What Is Skin?. What Is Energy?. What Is The Ground?. What Is The Sky?. What Are The Stars?. What Is Beyond Imagination?. What Is Beyond The Ends Of Thought?. What Exist’s Inside Of The Flesh Of Dreams?. What Is Language?. What Are Words?. What Is An Action?. What Is A Reaction?. What Is A Yes?. What Is A No?. What Is Rain?. What Is Snow?. Sunlight?. Darkness?. What Are Secrets?. What Is Hidden Inside Of The Locked Vaults Of The Hidden?. Where Does One Begin To Find The Secrets Of Life?. Where Does Life Go When We Sleep?. What Is Sleep?. What Is The Past?. What Is The Present?. What Is The Future?. Remember When They Ask, Who Sent You, Say Nothing?. |||+||| laLAla

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :roll_eyes: :sleeping: :roll_eyes:

qp|| The Solid Ground Beneath Your Feet Is A Delicate Window Into The Opposite Side Of Planet Earth, As The Sun Requests The Moon To Embrace The Clarity In You, Capturing The End’s Of The Universes Slow Movement Moving And Slowly Spinning In Restless Spiral’s, As Our Human Eye’s Speak In The Language Of Connective Brains Exposed In The Light of The Skull, Coexisting In Chaotic Forests |||+|||

qp|| A Sweeping Scope Of The Obsolete Spans And Stretches To Spread The Absolute |||+||| laLAla

qp|| Being Willingly Independent Within The Liberty Of Volunteering Time & Space Forever |||+||| laLAla

qp|| When Assembling The Fabricated Shape Of Pressurized Oceans, We Silently Pretend |||+||| laLAla

qp|| The Socially Friendly Camaraderie Of Flowers Spoke Of Searching For Companions |||+||| laLAla

qp|| The Hallowed Halls Within The Deception Of An Eerie Hallows Eve Was On Friday The 13th |||+|||

qp|| The Valuable Design Of Motivational Reasons Projecting Starlight Never Fades |||+||| laLAla

qp|| The Inspiring Instinctual Stimulation A Catalyst For Desire’s Need For Dominance |||+||| laLAla

qp|| Recognizing The Solution Of Confessional Appreciation For Internal Shadows |||+||| laLAla

(((!!!)))(~For The Love Of Wisdom~)(((!!!)))

  • Love Yourself & All Of The You In You
  • Accept Simplicity And Daydream
  • Allow Yourself Time To Rest
  • Give Respect To Your Elders
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Say, ‘I Love You’, To Those You Love
  • Give Understanding To All Life
  • Honour Your Relationships With Hope, Love, And Peace
  • Set Boundaries For Yourself & Respect Tradition
  • Seek For No Truth In Lies
  • Spend No Time With Jealousy

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :roll_eyes: :sleeping: :roll_eyes:

In Respect For All Of The Great Work Madonna Has Accomplished With Her Career & Family

And Fans!!!.

‘Hopelessly Passing Your Time In The Grassland Away’~ Pink Floyd- (Song/Sheep). Album/Animals.

‘Rise Up This Morning Smiled With The Rising Sun’~ Bob Marley- (Song/Three Little Birds). LEGEND

‘This Is A Public Service Announcement This Is Only A Test’~ Green Day- (Song/Warning). Warning.

qp|| The Way I Love Her, The Way She Loves Me, Will Forever Be…, An Unsolved Mystery |||+|||

qp|| The Way I Love The Sky, The Way I Love Infinity, Forever…, Jus Let Me Be, Only You & Me |||+|||

qp|| Seeing The Dreams In The Ghost’s Believing, In Dreams, Of Dreams Dreaming, Of Dreams |||+|||

qp|| There May Be Some Thing’s About Some People That You Don’t Quite Understand. It’s Simple Really. We Are All The Same In One Certain Way. We Are All Human Beings. We All Laugh. We All Cry. We All, (At Least Sometimes), Actually Try, If Something About Someone Confuses Or Upsets You. Then Wander On And Let That Small Bit Of Your Story To Pass. There Are Many Chapters To Face In Your Life. So Instead Of Judging, Being Angry, Losing Sense Of Coexistence. Be Yourself, Love Yourself, Begin To Dream. And Love Those Who Truly Love You. Life Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated. And Even If It Can Be Sometimes. Think Of The Strange Story You’ll Be Able To Tell Your Kid’s One Day!. So, Live In Commonsense, Stay Safe. Trust Your Instincts, Intuition, And Respect Yourself. As You Respect Your Neighbors. |||+||| laLAla