Ravens built a nest in my parents backyard

Pretty sick. Never realize how big ravens were til I started working at a nature center with one in domestication. Now I see them in the wild in my parents backyard and it’s awesome. They’re very smart and agressive creatures. Interesting creatures too. They got a nest going in the backyard. Pretty sweet. I love birds such as eagles, falcons, ravens, vultures, owls, crows…birds that eat mice and whatnot. So cool.


They can also talk… Mimic…


hahaha girl at work was telling me they can mimic. not as good as parrots but still awesome. lol sick.

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i think that raven was japanese !?!
take care :alien:

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I love birds - been into them since I was a kid.
The other day saw a Hawk capture and fly away with a live squirrel in my backyard! - It was real cool.
My favorite encounter was spotting a Great Horned Owl in the wild, a long time ago - the bird was huge!

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Really cool. They are smart. If you’re nice to them they’ll be nice to you!

No seriously, ravens and crows remember faces. I’d stick out a bird feeder if I were your parents haha.

Love birds too. My mum feeds the birds in her garden but had to stop for a while cos rats started stealing the food