Random women wanting friends requests on my Facebook

I get one friend request on Facebook probably around every 2 months from Random women I don’t know, these are local women to me. I haven’t written that I’m single on my page, My page is private, just photos and few travel pictures, I once met this women in hospital and she started stalking me, I had to tell her I was gay (I’m asexual) to make her understand I wasn’t available but she kept on pestering me and being flirty… She was BPD so was difficult at the time.

Is it normal for men to get random friends requests from women? I understand maybe Eastern European women from poor countries but not local women.


I got a couple, they’re fake accounts. On Instagram too.


These accounts look genuine to me.

99.99% chance of it being fake. People just don’t do random adds like that anymore


They can look pretty genuine, I had a random girl talk to me on Instagram. I don’t trust them. I don’t date random girls honestly.


I also don’t trust random girls. Its fishy.

I would just enjoy the attention if I were you.

Slightly more seriously, it is normal for a man who lives a particular lifestyle. I suspect that is not applicable to you. So far as social media on the Web goes, I expect it to be a product of sophisticated advertisment algorithms.

If not, then consider that some women like guys that treat them coldly or appear so. Finally, you might simply have a pretty face. From my limited experience, men can’t know what kind of male face women honestly find attractive.

I automatically delete friend requests when I don’t know who they are. They can be a scam.


We have a young new staff member at my supported living house from Southern Ireland and she says she gets alot of friends request from Indian men wanting to merry her.


I think it happens more for women. I don’t think it can happen for guys. That’s how society is. Maybe that’s a scam too probably.


If you want to date, dating websites and apps are where to look. Tinder, Bumble, Hot or Not, Badoo, etc

I would not trust it. I dont think any woman i know would send random friends requests. But I kicked out all social media before, now also dating apps, so maybe im too distrustful at the moment. You just dont know what she wants though…might be innocent, but also money, attention, whatever.

If it is random gals, just a matter of time before they ask for money


if she sends a dick pic then its probably real :smiley:




LOL. (earth calling Level 123)

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I wouldn’t trust them.

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I get random requests all the time.

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Idd ■■■■ any woman who would want me now I go to prostitutes once in a while

During Covid19 ??

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I went once she gave me alcohol soap thing when you think with your dick you dont think about covid