My housemate accepts fb requests from female strangers and they try and blackmail him

He only accepts them so he can talk dirty and flirt with them. He’s got over 2000 random people on his fb. They blackmail by sending pics. Now I’m not bothered what he does. Thing is since I’m on his friends profile I keep getting unwanted friends requests from randoms. I alway delete them I’ve had 4 in last 24 hours. They look pretty women but they are blackmailers only wanting money. Should I delete my housemate from my fb. I’m worried about my online security?

He is vulnerable but thankful has no access to his money because he has courted appointed appointee.

I would delete him as next they will see you as his friend and will then add you or send you messages.

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I would delete them bro. Its not worth it, also don’t flirt with online girls thats just begging for trouble yu know.

This happened to my friend. He sent naked pictures of himself to a stranger, she told him to.Then she threatened him and said that she would send the pics to his family if he didn’t pay her. He did pay her!

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Take him off. If he’s irresponsible with what he uses it for you’re well within your rights to remove him

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